Chivek and the squad moved up into the entrance of the temple not without two of the storm troopers attacked a young near humanoid man trying to see into the temple.

“Imperial property stay out,” the voice came through the speaker of the mask. The man bled and laid there from the punches and kicks he received. No mercy was ever shown, the doctor thought. Chivek had to place a hand on his medical droid not to aid the man. To do so would have probably gotten them killed. A Stormtrooper cannot miss when the end of the blaster barrel is on your back.

His squad was still young and fanatical and sadly they truly believed they were making the universe a better place. Chivek smiled and played along. The troops did not understand that the non-humans that needed to be put in their place meant him.

The Sargent barked orders to secure the area when they got inside and be careful of traps. Then went on about Jedi trickery, Chivek stopped listening to his rambling speech about being protectors of the people and how beautiful it will be when this temple was converted into a command center or prison. The latter being the more likely option.

An officer tried to enter and was challenged by one of the troops who made to mistakes, pointing his weapon at the officer and not saluting. This brought the Sargent and the troops attention to the door giving Chivek the ability to slip behind the main pillars and explore a little before he was missed. His droid provided cover and needing to go to the bathroom was an excuse that worked since he was not in armor with a bladder bag.

Chivek was not a Jedi and was not sure about the Force. He did not often want to wield a light saber, he had seen the damage that they can inflict on a body. Though at time his anger and frustration gave ways to fantasies where he was the hero freeing the people. He did not want to use the force to choke people into submitting like Lord Vader. In his heart of hearts he was a doctor and he wanted to heal people and give them better lives.

As he walked he came to a small side room with no doors and a single statue of woman holding her hands around something but in a way that made you want to take it from her. Unable to help himself he walked up to the statue and reached out. Touching a box that felt… Alive. He closed his eyes and gently twisted the box which came open.
He reached inside to pull out two cubes and what appeared to be a lightsaber.

He tucked them into the pockets of his inner robes and willed the box to stay shut.

The voice of the Sargent came booming at him as he stepped back.
“Chivek, what did I tell you about wandering off from the squad?” He asked but it allowed the doctor to play dumb.
“Sir, I went to the bathroom and got turned around,” he said.
“Get back to the squad,” he barked.
Sargents do not like to be Sired and a little anger would keep the next questions at bay, the did you touch anything and the give it to me now.
“Yes, Sargent,” Making sure that the Sargent realized that he was a Captain and not a fresh recruit.
As they strolled out and back to the squad, Chivek heard muttering of how useless it was to have this doctor around when the droid could act as a field medic better.

When they got back to the entrance, Chivek made his play.
“I heard you back there Sargent,” he said in a severe tone.
“I am under orders from someone higher ranked than both of us to be here as well. I would much prefer to be back in my surgical bay attaching limbs and caring for the injured, So with your permission, I am going to take my droid and wait over near the doors till you need us,” he said in a tone that said this was not a request.

The Sargent started to say something back but then started to take his anger out on the troops. With the commotion and shuffling he managed to shuffle the cubes into a storage compartment in the droid and move the lightsaber into the inside of his cybernetic arm. If he got caught he was a dead man.

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