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Summary: A combative Zabrak Doctor

Chivek Koomo

Gender: Male

Age: 32

Group: Rebellion


Maltras (A Zabrak outer rim colony)


Cybernetic surgeon (doctor with some droid programming)

Physical Appearance

Civeck stands about 1.85 meters tall with red hair and tan skin. His hair is long and comes to his waist. His eyes are a deep violet and he has two main horns about 1/3 the way back on his head and multiple minor horns.

He has a cybernetic left hand and a scar across his chest.


Civeck is open minded but stubborn. He like people and technology. He is not fan of the empire and some of the experiments they carry out.

He can be combative when he needs to be. He prefers hand to hand and arcane combat rather than blasters.

He us his martial arts as a spiritual discipline.


Chivek was raised on an outer ring colony called Maltras. Like many of his species he spent much time learning the basics of his cultures martial art.
When the Empire arrived, he fought them losing his left hand. It was because of the doctor the treated him that he went in medicine.

At the end of his training he left Maltras on an imperial shuttle to work at a Empirial research facility

His parents are alive as is his sister.

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