Days Later

The Commander had secretly dismissed Cosgrove and silently sent her back to her assigned quarters on the Intrepid. She warned Cosgrove of the dangers of sneaking around in disguises, if she wasn't careful she'd be considered an ally of the Rebel Alliance. Luando had been working on the secretive Cerea Operation for days now under direct orders of Grand Admiral Abalam, but it felt like nothing significant had happened. Abalam was looking for something inside what seemed to be some kind of ancient Jedi temple. The doors to Luando's makeshift office on a Lambda shuttle opened. It was Abalam, unusually without his elite security. "Commander, how are you finding Cerea?"
"It is paradise Grand Admiral, shame I am restricted to here and underground."
Abalam laughed, he pointed at Iras: "You know Commander Luando you aren't like the others. The others that cower when I enter the room. You have gumption, nerve, and even talent. Key principles for our kind."
"I do my best Grand Admiral."

Abalam took a seat in front of the Commander's desk. "Very good, I did however hear that you had a word with a trooper..."
"Well of course I have to everyday, one is a commander."
"Except this trooper wasn't a trooper. I hear rumblings that it was instead your TAU Captain... Captain?" Iras gulped as Abalam stared at her.
"Cosgrove, yes it was that girl. I have dismissed her and assigned her to different duties Grand Admiral, nothing for you to worry about." The Grand Admiral nodded with a smile. "Tell me Commander this relationship you have with her, is it professional?"
"Of course, I am her Commander. She does as she is requested, she is just trying to impress me. You know what these Captains are like always after a promotion of rank."
"Indeed. Well very good then, I won't bother you any longer. They are making exceptional progress down below - they're almost in!" Abalam stood up, nodded towards the Commander and left the room. It seemed with each step his boots got louder.


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