Personal matter

cave in the Takodana wilderness

Takodana was not a planet that Carn cared for in the lightest sure it was a beautiful planet but it was only the type that you stopped by if you business to take care of, unfortunately for the the pirates that once inhabited the cave he did. He did not blame them however after all they had only stolen it from the original thief, apparently they had also made him suffer his final hours from what Carn could tell from his investigation. Moving through the boxes of plunder he finally came across what he was looking for, the container was fairly large and ancient bearing his clan symbol upon further inspection would seem it was untampered the pirates either not getting to it or unable to slice the lock.

"Sawbones get over here I found it"so calmly into his comm system before opening the container, upon verifying the contents he closed and locked the container upon hearing footsteps.

"Apologies for my delay I was busy tending to the wounded" Sawbones spoke, although the medical Droid was speaking in a monotone voice Carn could tell if it was possible he would have had a grin plastered on his face. In you've been your standard medical Droid but his time in the huts had upgraded him for combat evident by the z6 rotary Cannon he held his arms.

Walking past the Droid Carn tapped a button on his armor causing the container to hover and follow him as the two of them walked past bodies of the slain pirates towards the exit.

"I take it the diagnostics wasn't good?"

"Terminal I'm afraid."

outside of cave
As the two exited the cave they came into the site of a group of smugglers that were waiting for them, their leader a male Twilek stepping forward.

"Glad to see the two of you we're successful as promised I'll see to your ship's holds being restocked with supplies in exchange for the rest of the plunders in the cave."

"See to it that you do I want to be able to leave as soon as I get back into town" Carn replied in short tone, before loading the container onto a speeder before climbing in with sawbones.

Curiosity got the better of the smuggler his eyes roaming over the ancient case and ideas coming into mind something. "If you don't mind me asking what's the contents of that case that makes it so important?"

"All you need to know is that it was important enough for me to kill all these pirates and anyone else that might think of taking it." Although the Mandalorian was wearing a helmet the smuggler could feel him staring into his eyes, with the message received he simply nodded as the two drove off.

In town

Once back into town the the duo return the speeder before heading towards the starport eager to return to the conclave, as they walked through the streets they came across an interesting sight. Sawbones lifted a hand to his face mimicking the appearance of someone thinking. "A Farghul gets thrown out of a bar why does that sound like the start of a joke?"

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