Eye Wide Open

Fett opened his eyes. His helmet was still over his head, his visor felt misty. Tugrug was there standing over him. "You should have been paying more attention boy. I'm an old man and I still beat you. Use more than your eye, use all senses at all times."
"That was a cheap move," Fett complained, he tried to move his hands but couldn't. Tied to the seat with thick rope. "Untie me."
"Why should I? This is all in the training young one," Tugrug cut the rope. Fett immediately was on his feet. He extended his hand to Darkhan, the Abyssin shook gently. "You're still not ready boy. You can return when the time is right."
"When will that be?"
"You'll sense it - you'll know." Darkhan pulled his hand back and went to his pocket, he pulled out six darts. "Take these, they'll serve you well. Darts infused with the venom of the Dragonsnake. I finished the beast off while you were... resting." Tugrug chortled. Boba took the darts and nodded, the closest he'd come to saying thanks. "Be on your way now. I'm tired and hungry." Boba turned and left the dusty old shack. Darkhan waved farewell and took a seat. He closed his eyes, waiting for whatever would come next.

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