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Summary: Veteran Bounty Hunter

Tugrug Darkhan (NPC)

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Gender: Male

Age: 143

Group: Bounty Hunter




Veteran Bounty Hunter

Physical Appearance

Tugrug is a dark skinned Abyssin Bounty Hunter. He wears a dark brown uniform, sometimes accompanied by a light grey poncho. He is always well equipped with a small but powerful aresnal.


Tugrug Darkhan is a very gruff and elderly individual. He is a veteran Bounty Hunter trained in the ancient Abyssin hunting techniques, these techniques apply well in the hunting of sentient races too. He is seen almost as a mythical being in the world of bounty hunting.


Tugrug was born on Byss many many years ago, well before the Clone Wars. He has scoured the galaxy for generations fulfilling a wide variety of contracts. About fifty years ago Tugrug settled on the planet Tyne's Horky, a mining world in the Mid Rim, meeting him has became a kind of pilgrimage for Bounty Hunters who are aware of Darkhan's legendary exploits. As well as being a very skilled Bounty Hunter he is also seen as a very wise teacher with Bounty Hunters of many races adopting and adapting the Abyssin ancient hunting methods.

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Image of Tugrug Darkhan (NPC)
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