Fett: Sins of the Masters I


The modified Firespray-31-class patrol and attack ship Slave I touched down gently on the sands of Tyne's Horky. Boba Fett slipped his helmet over his shaven head, then he quietly stumbled off the ramp and onto the surface. He could see the place he was looking for through the haze of the heat. An old prospector's shack, outside it was a clunky metal windmill that acted as a wind energy generator. Fett readied his weapons just in case something went awry. He felt slightly exhausted; the journey to the Mid Rim had been long and he has to bump the usual Imperial blockades like any bounty hunter. As Boba got closer to the shack he could hear the gentle sounds of a wind chime swaying. He could see the door now, it was wide open. Fett wasn't the type to knock so made his way in.

Inside the old prospector's shack was the usual trophies any old bounty hunter would display: interesting relics that had acted as pay, the ownerless weapons of terminated targets, personal items of the dead. Sat on a chair fast asleep was the man that had caused Boba Fett to come all this way. An Abyssin Bounty Hunter dressed in comfortable clothing, no armour to be seen. "Wake up!" Boba shouted. Startled the Abyssin gasped as he opened his eye. "Wake up now."
"Who the hell are you?"
"I'm Boba Fett, I came to find you Tugrug Darkhan."
"How'd you know my name?" Darkhan growled. The old Abyssin didn't like his few hours of sleep being interrupted. "What are you some kind of Mando?"
"I'm a bounty hunter just like you. I'm here to learn the ways of the masters, I believed you could teach me."
"How'd you know to find me here eh buckethead?" Darkhand stood up from his seat and tiredly limped over to the armour clad bounty hunter. "Only a few know about this place, heck the only people who give a damn about Tyne's Horky are miners and the Empire."
"A Hutt told me I would find you here." Boba barged past Tugrug and took a seat, he wanted to look tough for the veteran master. "Comfortable there Mando?" Boba didn't care what Darkhan said. Tugrug Darkhan sat in the seat opposite and looked to Boba Fett over the Dejarik table in the middle.

Tugrug coughed, he thought for a moment. Fett? Fett, why did he know that name. Then it struck him Jango Fett. A bounty hunter that Darkhan had bumped into a few times in the past. "Tell me Fett! You related to Jango?"
"He was my father."
"Was your father?"
"He was murdered. Murdered by a Jedi named Mace Windu..."
"The Jedi were very capable warriors. I'm sorry to hear that happened to your father, I never got a chance to meet him properly but I saw his ability." Boba nodded to Darkhan's sympathetic words. "They say you can teach the Abyssin ways."
"I can yes, when I want to. Why should I teach you?"
"I need to know!" Darkhan could hear the anxiety to learn in the young bounty hunter's voice. "I can teach you but understand that my word is law. Some of you new generation bounty hunters think you are better than us old guys, you're slippery and unpredictable."
"I promise you Darkhan I'm not like the new generation."
"Trained by the old guys?"
"You could say that." Boba Fett stood up, he was ready to learn. Tugrug Darkhan struggled to get up, he'd never lost any limbs so had never regenerated any of the new bones that some Abyssins were fortunate to have. "Follow me then. There is a creature on this world, a Dragonsnake. It's said to live in an oasis somewhere in the desert."
"Dragonsnakes aren't tough!" Boba grunted.
"Maybe on some worlds, but not on Tyne's Horky." Tugrug took a hat hanging by his door and perched it on his head. He looked outside to see the sun setting, they'd need the darkness if they wanted to catch this legendary Dragonsnake.

To Be Continued...

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