Cosgrove saw her commander come in but remain silent. This rebel was spouting off like she was second in command to Dodonna herself or didn't even know who Dodonna was. Either way, from her experience and her extensive study of interrogation techniques and having watched hundreds of hours of interrogation footage, she figured they wouldn't get anything useful from her. Sure, they might figure out something but the amount of time that would take against a will like this wouldn't be worth it. Also, they knew the rebels planned to attack the weapon's facility on Denon soon and interrogating this one could take days - time they didn't have.

She turned around to face her commander and gave her a wink. She tapped a message into her wrist communicator, telling the troopers in the room the real plan...

Turning, she faced Aurora, with a very different demeanor. "The Empire doesn't have to explain itself to anyone. What we do, we do for the good of the Empire as a whole. Plans are laid and seen through with a grander picture in mind than you could even fathom. But by the lack of interjection from my commanding officer here, I know she actually doesn't care about questioning you anymore." Lana stood at attention and turned to the troopers. "Escort this prisoner to a holding cell in C-block." She turned to Aurora. "Just so you know, the cells in C-block might seem luxurious but it's a courtesy the Empire offers... for those facing execution... Take her away."

The troopers grabbed her and escorted a kicking and screaming prisoner to C-Block and a truly luxurious cell. The cell itself could also be moved on it's own, like a holding container - which was the plan. The message to the troopers was to move Aurora from within the container, to the Weapon's Facility on Denon. Cosgrove herself would release Aurora from the container in a day or two at the facility - claiming subterfuge and sympathy for the rebel cause when they caught wind that the attack on the facility was beginning.

"Commander," Lana said once she knew Aurora was well away from there and the two were alone, "I hope you don't mind the approach but I figured if the rebels are planning an assault any day now on the weapon's facility this one may be a better distraction there than wasting time interrogating her here. I'm sure as soon as her varactyl or brother catch sight or wind of her, they'll spook and give away their position and hinder the attack in our favor."

She so yearned to please the commander. She could imagine herself, all propriety aside, on her hands and knees in front of front of her pleading - "Tell me I did good..."

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