Calm The Varactyl

Gasping, Kye turned to Phenix and held up both hands toward the animal in a calming gesture that Aurora had taught him. "Calm down, calm down!" He pleaded loudly and touched his hands against the varactyl's neck. "I'm okay, Phenix! They aren't going to hurt me. See?"

Stroking Phenix's head gently to soothe him, the teen turned his gaze back to Ulaan. "I-I'm so sorry..." He stuttered with an ashamed blush crossing his face. "H-He's just protective and it's s-stressful for him without Aurora."

Once Phenix was calm and the rebels all around seemed to lower their weapons, Kye was able to focus on Ulaan again. Pulling out some tools from his bag, he showed them to the older woman. "I know a good bit about machines and droids. Maybe I could help retrieve this heat ray you mentioned?" He inquired with a grimace.

Even as he spoke, the young man's mind was on his sister. He felt horrible for running the way he had, for leaving her behind like a coward. Yes, she had told him to run and get help, but would they really be able to save her? It also frightened him greatly just to think of what those monsters might do to her.

He could not lose Aurora, the last of his family. Just the mere idea of it made old memories flash across his mind - memories best left locked away.

For now, he needed to focus on the tasks at hand.

He would save Aurora at any cost.

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