Fett: Sins of the Masters II


Boba and Tugrug walked across the desert plains of Tyne's Horky. "The Dragonsnake is viscous, it got me left hand!" Tugrug exposed his cybernetic hand hidden behind a black leather glove. "I thought you were meant to be the best?" Boba asked.
"Even the best can have accidents, there's no such thing as a expert. You'll have your own accident one day boy! You'll remember what I said," Tugrug snorted. The Abyssin bounty hunter pulled out a pair of binoculars from his sack, they had been modified to accommodate his single eye. "Let's see now," Darkhan peered carefully through the binoculars. Through it he could see the oasis in the distance, the water crashed and shook inside the deep pool. "It's awake..." Darkhan whispered. Boba flipped down his rangefinder and took a look for himself. "How big is it?"
"Ginormous, you'll never find any other Dragonsnake like it. Hell I'm not even sure if it's a Dragonsnake or not. Could be something native entirely to the Horky!"
"I'll finish it quickly." Boba remarked, he had inherited his father's thick Concord Dawn accent. "Don't get cocky boy!" Tugrug ordered, "I'm not having you mess this up for me. You listen to what I say, do what I do, hunt how I hunt. I don't need to see how you do it - you have to see how I do it. Is that very clear?" Boba looked to Tugrug and nodded, he didn't like being scolded but knew it best not to offend the legendary Tugrug Darkhan.

They had moved closer to the oasis. Both were silent, all that could be heard was their footsteps. "Now take this-" Darkhan handed a grappling hook gun to Boba, he examined it for a moment before Darkhan continued. "I want you to pull down that tree that overlooks the pool. Pull it, trap the beast, then we have to drag it out the oasis. Do you understand me boy?" Darkhan sounded like an instructor from a military academy, Boba Fett nodded. He looked carefully through his visor at the tree. He found a perfect spot and fired, the hook flew through the desert air and wrapped itself around the tree branch. Fett yanked with all his force; the large tree snapped and fell with a mighty slam into the pool. "Skreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-" the furious Dragonsnake cried out. It almost seemed to shake the Earth beneath their feet. "Very good!" Darkhan exclaimed. "Now tie the hook down we don't want the beast to budge too much and escape." Boba nodded and instantly began to anchor the wire from the grappling hook down. Tugrug stood up and seemed to go behind him. "Now boy pay attention remember or you'll have an accident." Before Boba could even process Tugrug's instructions there was a mighty thud! For the young naïve Boba Fett everything seemed to turn black.

To Be Continued...

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