Ready & Waiting

"But in all y'all pay for this sort of stuff or if I help myself to some loot in the process is that okay?" Trantis asked. Aegon rubbed his chin. "You can have some loot: blasters, grenades, heck even tech. But you better promise not to pull any funny business," Aegon smirked. Niko Trantis nodded. "I'll help," Inna smiled.
"Thank you Inna, I had a feeling I could trust you. If there's one thing I can say in life it's that I've never been let down by a Twi'lek. I'd like to say that too about the Farghul, but you're the first Farghul I've ever properly met Trantis."
"I hope I set a good example," Niko smirked.

"I do trust you two though, you didn't have to help me like that but you did. I knew you'd pull through, same couldn't be said about Mojokerto."
"Mojokerto deserved it. Sometimes some folk need a slap around the face to realise they ain't everything," Inna grinned. Baron Aegon nodded in agreement. "Although Mojokerto got a little more than a slap!" Aegon laughed, he hadn't laughed in a very long time. It felt surprisingly good to express his emotions in a positive way. "Alright, once you two are ready make your way onboard the Nimble Dragon. You should probably meet Niner, he can be a little over the top sometimes but he's a good droid."
"I'm right here Baron," CZ-9's voice fizzled from behind Aegon's shoulder. "Help our guests get there supplies on the ship. We'll need to get out of here soon."
"Right away!" Niner went straight at it. The three entered the Nimble Dragon, ready for whatever lay ahead.

To Be Continued...

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