After a long talk with Ulaan, Kye was not prepared to deal with Phenix's attitude. Things were only made worse when one of the older rebels walked up and questioned him about it. The teenager was unsettled further by the gun in the man's hand.

"I...I'll deal with it." The red head grunted as he grabbed up the parts to a droid he had been working on. Setting them all aside on a table, he walked over to the varactyl and set a hand upon his neck.

Phenix offered a low snarl, but knew better than to harm Aurora's brother.

Mouth twitching into a nervous smile, Kye lead the animal outside where they could enjoy the fresh air. "Come on," He said and climbed atop the creature. "Lets go for a run. I'm not any use to these people anyway...I just want to help Aurora."

With another pat, the older teen let Phenix begin running and did not care where the varactyl took him. He just knew neither of them could handle being locked up indoors anymore.

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