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Summary: A For Hire Criminal & Companion

Inna Keokea (NPC)

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Smuggler




A For Hire Criminal & Companion

Physical Appearance

Inna had fair light blue skin, her eyes too were as blue as an Ocean world. Inna wears a variety of different styles of clothing but often likes to keep it simple with a comfortable jacket and fitting attire.


Inna will do anything if the pay is good. But she also cares greatly about the people around her, she sees the misfortune on Denon and wants to change things for the better.


Inna was born on Ryloth, the Keokea family were greatly respected on her home planet. After the Clone Wars left Ryloth in a terrible state Inna decided it would be best not to remain on her homeworld. She crossed the galaxy doing various jobs for crime bosses on different planets. The latest was working for the Besalisk crime boss Mojokerto on Denon - for now at least.

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Image of Inna Keokea (NPC)
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