Strike Force

Night had fallen on the planet Cerea, the dark sky was lit up with the stars of Semagi sector. It was all quite beautiful all except for the Imperial Star Destroyers still lurking above the planet. Stealthily a band of Rebel ships approached the temple that the Empire had occupied, the main target. Through the communicator, Valerius Noer spoke to Aegon: "The bombers are following your command Agent Aegon, watch out for any anti-aircraft guns. Copy?"

"This is Aegon, hearing you loud and clear Angel Leader. Beginning first strike, temple perimeter outposts. Go Kayvak and bombers!" The Y-Wings swooped below the Nimble Dragon and began their assault on the outposts.

"Don't let your proton bombs miss," Kayvak said calmly to his squadron. The Z-95 Headhunters of Angel Squadron followed with some damning fire on the Empire's energy generators. Meanwhile, inside the temple, some things were starting to get rocky: lights were failing, turbolifts shutting down mid-journey, and doors were refusing to open or close.

"What the hell is going on?" Adna whispered as the lights in the tomb went dark. The probe switched on and emitted a blue light, it was faint but better than complete darkness.

"It seems as if the power has failed Miss Zaitoona."

"You'd think the Empire could keep a generator on," Adna commented. Back outside the Imperial response finally came, a small squadron of TIE fighters was persuing the various Rebel aircraft. Baron tried to gun down as many as he could — but they were fast.

"Stay still damnit!" Aegon complained. "Inna, Niko - get to the guns and help will you?" Quickly the pair scrambled for the ship's turrets. Inna was first to make it to one of the turrets, she wasn't too custom to these kinds of weaponry. She watched the little radar screen carefully and as soon as the icon of a TIE fighter appeared on the screen she began to gun down the ships. "Keep on those TIEs."

"This is Kayvak, bomber squadron, we are losing Y-Wings quickly. We need to flee," the bomber leader breathed heavily into his headset. Only about two of the bomber craft were left claimed by the dreaded anti-aircraft weapons or TIEs.

"This is Angel Leader, you have permission to return to the command outpost."

"Appreciate it Angel Leader, we are on our way," Kayvak replied sounding a little relieved. A few minutes more and death was all but certain. The Alliance couldn't afford to lose this many bombers so quickly, they were a vital asset to the Rebel Alliance's strike missions.

"How is the mission going?" Ecks-zee asked stumbling into the Dragon's flight deck, the Rebel Agent sat with his protocol droid 'Niner'.

"Take a look for yourself." Aegon indicated to the glass, XZ took a look for himself, he could see the flames of the destroyed Imperial outposts dancing in the night. "We're going to do this!"

"This is Angel Leader. Things are looking good out there, Aegon we are sending in the ground forces. Ristt has requested that you lead the ground assault into the temple proper."

"Of course, he has," Aegon sighed.

"You going to need help Aegon?" Niko asked.

"Definitely, you and Inna with me. The droids stay in here, they'll only slow us down-" Aegon paused and looked to the two droids beside him "-no offense guys." The droids both acted as if they hadn't heard the insult. "One more thing Niko."

"What's that?"

"Don't go and get yourself caught by the Empire. Is that understood?"

"They couldn't keep me in long enough last time, ain't no way they are going to again," Niko Trantis laughed. The Nimble Dragon dropped on a suitable enough piece of landing ground adjacent to the temple. This would be the best time to crush the plans of the Empire.


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