The Gathering

A large Besalisk stumbled towards the dimly lit tavern out in the Nal Hutta swampland. Inside were a few pirates and criminals deep into their drinks, there was a brief silence in the bar until the denizens realized who had just entered. The Besalisk was none over than the legendary Denon crime boss Mojokerto. A hulking great beast of a man, now sporting a black eyepatch. "Through here," the droid behind the bar said indicating a door at the back of the tavern. Mojokerto nodded and went through the door, inside it was somehow more darker than the rest of the bar. Click! A light came on revealing a massive lump of a Hutt. Beside the Hutt was a protocol droid ready to translate the impending Huttese. "Oxus my old friend, good to see you," Mojokerto said with a slight bow.

The Hutt began to speak his Huttese channeled as basic by a matte black protocol droid: "It's good to see you too Mojokerto. How's that eye of yours?"

"Getting better... slowly."

"And business on Denon is good?"

"It's been patchy, the Imperial incident a while ago has surprisingly turned away quite a lot of business," Mojokerto snarled. As the Besalisk finished his sentence a fat Jablogian gangster stumbled into the room.

Oxus started, and the droid translated: "Yaraigan, so nice of you to finally join us."

"Pleasure to be here great and mighty Oxus," Yaraigan said in a whiny snakelike voice, he turned to Mojokerto and took his hand. "You must be the one they call Mojokerto. It's nice to finally meet you!"

One of Mojokerto's large hands gripped around Yaraigan's tiny Jablogian fist. "Yaraigan I've heard many things about you-" Then Oxus bellowed stopping the Denon crime lord mid-sentence.

"Now I assume you are wondering why I have both called you here. You both have been valuable partners of mine for many many years. I don't like to ask for help, but I have no choice. My family is in danger, the Empire is starting construction of a refinery. A refinery that they have no right to construct!"

"Why would they dare invade your territory oh mighty Oxus? Do they not fear you and your people?" Yaraigan asked.

"Apparently not. I trust you have large amounts of men with you, I want them to help me defend Nal Hutta. I want to scare off the Empire!" Oxus explained. "Even the Hutt cartels don't have enough warriors for such a battle. My cousins on other planets refuse to return and help their homeworld when it is most in need!"

"You asked Jabba?" Mojokerto questioned.

"Jabba refuses! His precious Tatooine is far too important to him. This is the problem, Nal Hutta is an afterthought for my damned relatives. I either work alone or I work with you, the ones I can trust."

"Oh mighty Oxus, the Empire is far too strong even for the three of us!"

"I wouldn't say that Jablogian. The Empire fear us, they detest us, I say we frighten them. Show them what kind of characters Nal Hutta attracts," Mojokerto said, he had a smug grin that revealed his pointed teeth.

"They won't fear us!" Yaraigan insisted. "When they have the opportunity they'll bomb Hutta out of the galaxy."

"Then we must attack when they come - to truly strike fear in their hearts," the Hutt's protocol droid echoed his words. Mojokerto nodded to Oxus, then with some clear reluctance so did Yaraigan. "Good, prepare your men. We will start with the first refinery in the North. We will blow it to a million pieces, and their ships to a million pieces more."

"Very good mighty Oxus, very good indeed," Yariagan hissed.

To Be Continued...

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