Image of CZ-9 'Niner'

Summary: Baron Aegon's personal droid and co-pilot aboard the Nimble Dragon

CZ-9 'Niner'

Owned by:

Gender: Male Programming

Age: Reprogrammed 3 years ago

Group: Droid


Manufactured on Coruscant


Baron Aegon's personal droid and co-pilot aboard the Nimble Dragon

Physical Appearance

Niner looks like a standard CZ series droid, but inside many of his parts have been replaced or modified to better Serv-O-Droid's original components. He his made out of metal, with a few scratches and marks on his white paint job.


Niner is a polite and understanding protocol droid. His reprogramming makes his personality match closer to a 3PO-series droid. Niner has complete control over the Nimble Dragon, including calculating hyperspace jumps faster than a standard droid.


Baron doesn't know Miner's history before they met. Baron discovered Niner stranded on the planet Tatooine seemingly without a master, maybe even lost by a Jawa sandcrawler. Baron took in the CZ-series droid and reprogrammed him to be his personal droid on the Nimble Dragon.

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Image of CZ-9 'Niner'
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