It'll get you...

The bartender took the coin with a sneer. "If you just hang out outside and ask, you'll likely find someone willing to take on a piece of bantha fodder like you," he said and Niko could hear liquid filling a glass under the counter. The cup came up and the bartender had a mischievous grin. Niko knew the look and did his best to smile and took the cup. Feigning a drink, he splashed it back in the face of the barkeep.

"I'll thank you to not piss in a cup and see me drink it," he replied calmly.

With that, Niko heard the all too familiar sound of guns charging behind him and turned to see more blasters than he could count being pointed at him. A few punches later he was hoisted by many hands and chucked out the front door. Being bruised and dazed already didn't have time to catch himself and landed face first in the dirt.

He rolled over, always preferring to face death in the face, but when he opened his eyes he something entirely different.


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