The Malice

Luando's private Lambda shuttle landed in one of the Malice's many hangar bays. The Commander descended the ramp to find Grand Admiral Darsh Abalam already waiting for her. "Grand Admiral, so nice to finally meet you in person."
"Same to you Commander Luando, you arrived quicker than I expected." Abalam extended his arms and shook Iras's cold hands. "I expected to meet you on the bridge," Luando smiled. "I thought it impolite to send a lackey to meet someone like yourself Commander Luando," Admiral let go of the Commander's hand and cupped his hands together.

"Shall we go to my office and discuss Project Enkindle properly Commander Luando?"
"Right away Grand Admiral, lead the way." Darsh began to walk, a small party of Stormtroopers joined them. Two with Abalam and two with Luando. The marching of boots across the hangar bay's floor seemed synchronized. "So tell me Luando, how long have you been posted here in the Iseno sector?"
"Just over three months now Grand Admiral," she knew Abalam already knew. He was the type to look over every small detail, if he didn't have a way of finding out a specific detail he'd hire somebody just for that specific detail. "You're from Urajab is that correct?"
"Indeed it is Grand Admiral. Yourself?"
"Ganthel, despicable place, but very good for building ships like this," the Grand Admiral smiled and looked around the Malice. "The ISD Malice is indeed a very beautiful piece of Imperial engineering."
"Quite right Commander Luando. Not only am I proud of this magnificent ship but I am too of my crew, they are top of the class. Only the academy's highest graduates get a place on the Malice," Abalam's grin lingered sinisterly. "I reviewed the Interpid's crew performance statistics. Eighty two percent success rate, not terrible, I've seen much worse!"
"We try our best Grand Admiral."
"There's your first issue, you shouldn't try you should always do. The Emperor wouldn't approve of those who only try. Success is everything!"
"Yes Grand Admiral Abalam, my apologies."
"It's not me you should be apologizing to, you should be apologizing to the citizens of this great Galactic Empire. Every time an insurgent causes a civilian harm because of your men's inability - it should be you who feels bad Commander Iras Luando." Iras began to worry that Darsh Abalam would somehow punish her. They came to the end of the long Star Destroyer hallway, the Grand Admiral turned to Luando. "My office, please do make yourself comfortable inside." Abalam removed a code cylinder from his pocket and unlocked the door, Luando followed him carefully inside.

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