A Display in Strength

The group of Imperials walked carefully across the stone tiled ground, at either side of the room was two statues what seemed to depict Cerean Jedi Knights atop of Aryx, large bipedal birds native to the planet. "It's beautiful," Abalam laughed with a mad look on his face.

"What do you even hope to find down here Grand Admiral Abalam sir?" Commander Wem asked.

"Greatness young Wem, power!" Abalam responded. There was a large stone cube blocking a doorway, he pointed at his elite Stormtroopers. "You lot move that out of the way now!" Darsh roared.

"Right away sir!" The troopers scrambled towards the cube and started to attempt to push it. "It won't budge," the trooper complained. The stormtrooper captain who was spectating from a distance went over and joined the attempt.

Lapley sniggered at the sight of some of the top Stormtroopers in Abalam's corps struggling to budge something so ancient that it'd likely break from being touched too hard. "You underestimate the Cerean builders of old," Lapley's chortling infuriated Abalam.

"Very well, soldiers back here." Abalam ordered. "I am higher in rank than you isn't that correct Captain Gnosall Lapley."

"That is correct sir, yes."

"Good then I can 0rder you to any posting I desire. Correct?"

"Again yes that is indeed correct sir."

"Then my dearest Captain Lapley, you push the stone." Lapley looked at Abalam in surprise for a moment, he slowly walked over to the stone cube and weakly tried to push.

"But Grand Admiral, I am a captain. A strategist and officer. I don't have the strength for this sir..." Lapley huffed. The rest of the officers looked on, hiding their amusement behind their mouth. But Luando didn't laugh she walked over and started to help Lapley.

"What are you doing Commander Luando? Get back here now." Darsh asked angrily, stomping his foot.

"The Emperor expects speed, poor old Lapley will have us here all day." Luando tapped Lapley's back gently. She winked playfully at him.

"Thank you Commander," Captain Lapley whispered. Suddenly they could feel the stone budge and then it felt spontaneously light. It flew forwards about two meters and the doorway was cleared. The officers jolted in shock at the slam of the stone sliding still. "You're stronger than you look Commander," an exhausted looking Lapley commented.

"I just helped you don't judge me. But what was that Captain, could you feel it? The change in weight?"

"I felt no such change."


"Very well done Commander Luando, maybe some here could learn something from you. Now may we continue." Abalam began to approach the now open room.

To Be Continued...

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