Hoping to escape the machine..

Captain Chivek Koomo paced back and forth and fidgeted with his cybernetic prosthetic. He hated carrying the damn blaster rifle and worse using it. His white robes flowed as he moved with their blue stripes indicating his place in the order.

He was of a similar mind as his medical droid assistant.

“I should be back at hospital tending to the wounded,” he growled at the young squad leader. Chivek being non-human had been removed from his post and assigned as a battle field surgeon.
“Your orders are to support the squad and help lay down suppressing fire if they flank us,” the squad leader said making it clear that the Captain is not in charge.
Sargents, he thought.
Then came a, “Back in formation.”

Chivek hated the Empire. He hated the Sargent. He hated what they had done to his planet. He hated them for what they had him do to wounded civilians turned his stomach. He hated himself for doing it.

He was one of the best cybernetic surgeons in the galaxy. His medical droid contained a huge amount of data on medical procedures and advancements that the Empire had gathered through experiments that were performed on “newly admitted” worlds. The ones who chose to fight rather than yield.

The squad he was in was being held in reserves. Soon the sound came through his feet a rumble as the temple opened. There was an anxiety that went through the squad.
He waited to see if he could find a way to escape.

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