Abalam was stood before the entrance to the massive underground temple, he was joined by a few other Imperial commanders and officers of various rank. Luando was stood beside Lapley. Abalam turned to the group, he raised his voice as the mining droids loudly lasered their way into the temple. "This is a great day for the Empire my friends, I know that beyond these walls there will be items beyond our wildest dreams. The Emperor will be proud."

"Of you perhaps," Lapley mumbled. Abalam's eyes turned to the smug Captain Lapley fiddling with his code cylinder.

"Would you care to repeat that Captain?" Abalam growled.

"I didn't say anything Grand Admiral." Lapley was a terrible liar, even worse when multiple eyes were turned towards him.

"I insist, repeat that."

"What I said Grand Admiral was that the Emperor would be very proud of you. I meant no harm by it," Lapley whined. Commander Luando rolled her eyes at the stuttering captain.

"Thank you Lapley, be sure to see me after we are finished here. I have a special assignment for a man of your talents." Abalam turned again to the entrance, he called down one of the mining droids. "Are we almost in droid?"

"Yes sir, our estimates indicate that we will be through in approximately ten minutes-" a heavy thud caught the droid by surprise mid sentence. Then there was a loud rumbling beneath their feet, like a weak earthquake. The large stone gates shifted apart. Hundreds of droids rolled away from the commotion, beeping erratically.

"Excellent!" Abalam grinned. "Ladies and gentlemen if you'd like to follow me." They walked together while the ground continued to shake below their boots. A unit of stormtroopers followed with their weapons readied.

To Be Continued...

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