A Disguise

River nodded, offering a smile before she left to find her friend. It took a little while, considering she had to side-step and move through foot traffic. So many people and such little space...

Finding her friend, who would be mistaken as a Jawa by most, was sitting where she said she'd be the whole day. "You ready, Ghost?" River asked calmly as she stepped up to her Jawa dressed friend.

Ghost turned her head and the mask of her disguise was facing River. "Yeah," She said softly before making a small clicking noise. Getting to her feet, she walked through the crowd with her friend and they spoke about what Atlus had offered. They did a little talking and remind each other to be careful before going about and getting what they needed.

When they were finally on their way to the hanger, River sent Atlus a little "hollar" as he put it to let him know they were on their way.

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