Under the Bright Lights

The lights of Nar Shaddaa reflected off the black visor of Jodo Kast's helmet, dazzling colours dancing and morphing rhythmically. The bounty hunter and his Lasat companion attracted a lot of looks, there was no doubt that they had crossed someone on this planet in the past. "What a fantastic idea this was, you really are a genius Trodd," Kast sighed.

"We had no other choice! Would you rather we be floating without any air up there? In a wreck?" Puggles Trodd dramatically raised his finger up to the light-polluted skies. The stars were almost entirely obscured. "Now whilst we wait for the ship to be fuelled up let us drink!" Trodd led Jodo Kast into a seedy-looking Hutt club.

At the door was an old silver protocol droid, it stood before the two. "Gentlemen, welcome!" the droid started "I would like to welcome you. However, I would like to inform you that helmets must be removed before entering, landlord's rules."

"That won't be happening, I'm afraid," Kast said looking at the droid.

"It is a requirement, not a suggestion."

"To me, it's nothing more than a suggestion. This suggestion I won't be acknowledging. Now if you'd please let us inside." The tone of Kast's voice changed, he was growing impatient. The protocol droid shook its head. "Trodd, if you'd please."

"Very well," Trodd said with a nod. He approached the droid and tore its arms from their sockets. The protocol droid panicked, its head rotating rapidly. "Now we'll let ourselves in, thank you." Puggles Trodd led the way inside with Jodo Kast sticking closely behind.

To Be Continued...

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