First Impressions

Ghost stayed close to River, glancing around the hanger as they got closer and closer to the ship they intended to board. "You sure this guy is safe?" She asked in Jawa, shifting in discomfort as they drew closer.

River sent a message to Atlus and nodded. "Of course I'm sure," She responded calmly. "Just...try to relax."

"Welcome aboard to the Krayt's Fang ladies."

A small laugh escaped River as she walked up to Atlus and Shiv. "Thank you for having us," She replied with a small smile. "This is Ghost, my friend." With a hand, she gestured to the girl hidden beneath Jawa robes and a mask. "Don't let her appearance fool you. She was raised by Jawas and knows a lot from their perspective, so the robe and mask are as much part of her as they are any Jawa. Just...don't try to take anything that belongs to her."

"More like don't tempt me to punch you square in the unmentionables..." Ghost commented.

"Ghost!" River hissed.

The other woman raised her hands in defeat. "Sorry, sorry...I'm protective of myself and you." Her eyes, hidden behind the mask, looked at Shiv and Atlus. "They seem nice enough anyway."

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