Welcome aboard

While River went to go to retrieve her friend, smuggling return to their ship to overseer repairs. The Krayt's Fang wasn't the prettiest of ships but had the four things every smuggler looked for: cargo space, speed, weapons, and luck. Altus remembered The day he won it in a game of chance cubes, some would say luck was on his side that day but only he knew the truth so you never played dice games with force sensitives.

"So what do you think of our companion new companion?" Altus asked Shiv while passing the jawa a spanner.

" I'm hoping you didn't just invite a Krayt dragon into our home because of a pair of pretty eyes again" Shiv responded putting the finishing touches on the engines.

"That twilek had you fooled too" Altus replied "besides I know this chick's dangerous but I can also sense some good in her."

Shiv rolled his eyes as he stood up, it was the only other person that knew about Altus being a former padawan so if he trusted River he'd go along with it.

Soon enough Altus would record a transmission from her as she entered the hangar with her friend. "Welcome aboard to the Krayt's Fang ladies."

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