The Mysteries of the Past

After a long and dangerous journey, the first of the Alliance ships had arrived at Ring Base, including the Nimble Dragon. General Joux Ristt had personally requested to meet with Baron Aegon, he also wanted to meet Adna Zaitoona. He was waiting in his war room, deep in thought while reviewing maneuvers on a display table. Aegon entered sporting a bandage and Zaitoona followed quietly behind. "Please make yourself comfortable Agent Aegon," Ristt said as he pointed to a chair. "You too Miss Zaitoona, don't be afraid." The General joined them sitting behind his console.

"How can I help you, General?" Baron asked.

"Well to be frank Agent, I wanted to discuss the Cerean Operation. All this was essentially your doing, the only reason we went there was to aid you. What for? Just for this?" Joux Ristt held his hand to the Holocron. "How will it help us?"

"When my friend Miss Keokea interacted with this artifact it projected a map. A map to Cerea, we assumed that the next piece of the puzzle would be there."

"-It was," Zaitoona added. Ristt and Aegon both looked at her, finally, her silence had been broken. "I found a similar artifact on Cerea in that temple. But now it's in the hands of Grand Admiral Abalam. I think they intend to weaponize these artifacts, or at least learn ancient secrets of war."

"Could that even be possible Miss Zaitoona?" Ristt asked.

"I doubt they would invest so many resources into a project like that if it didn't have its rewards."

"Abalam is the mastermind behind the Empire's secret projects. What do you think Abalam's artifact could lead to?"

"I really can't say, but I don't think it will be easy for him to access the information it holds," Zaitoona explained. The General looked frustrated at the Holocron, he didn't want to waste time hunting down Abalam's artifact. There were far more pressing matters to worry about.

"Miss Zaitoona if you would, I'd like to hire you for your expertise. I'd like you to research further on this artifact. You'd be paid for your troubles, of course, don't see this as you needing to swear allegiance to the Alliance. I respect that you are a freelancer and that'd you like to stay that way," The General proposed. Zaitoona thought about it for a moment.

"I'd like to stay with Agent Aegon if that's okay, but I'd happily dedicate as much time as I can to uncovering the mysteries of these Holocrons."

"Wait why'd you want to stay with me?" Aegon asked.

"I know where you're headed next. I have spoken to that strange droid XZ on your ship."

"Ecks-zee! Where exactly are you headed next?" Ristt questioned.

"General, we are headed to Nal Hutta. We have information that seems to indicate that the Empire is trying to stir up a war with the Hutt cartels. I know we don't want to associate ourselves with gangsters, but we also don't want another world to lose its independence. We need to keep them off Nal Hutta."

Ristt sighed. "Very well you can go to Nal Hutta, but listen here, Agent. I want this to remain quiet, we can't be as bombastic as Cerea or Denon. We can't get on the bad side of the cartels either."

"We will keep it quiet General -- I promise."

"Understood. You are both dismissed, as for this Holocron that will remain here." Ristt rushed them away. Aegon saluted and left with Adna following him back to the ship.


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