Latest Hires

The Foxcatch, a modified Lambda Shuttle flew gently through space. Onboard was a bounty hunting duo. "This is Jodo Kast, we have clearance," said Kast, he was dressed in tough but damaged Mandalorian armor. Beside him sat a rather short Lasat named Puggles Trodd.

"This is the Malice, please transfer your clearance or risk being destroyed."

"Calm down-" Kast said. He inserted a clearance chip into a slot beside the ship's main controls. "Transferring now," he said.

"Received, you are clear to board."

The Foxcatch boarded the massive ISD Malice, landing beside shuttles reserved for officers. The ramp descended and Kast and Trodd walked down to a waiting Imperial holding a datapad, he looked at the bounty hunters with a look of disapproval. "I never thought I would work with the Empire," Trodd commented.

"Neither did I - but you can't deny that the pay is good."

"Definitely!" The two bounty hunters stood before the officer, he continued to study the datapad to confirm these were the people he was expecting.

"Jodo Kast and Puggles Trodd, is that correct?"

"It is."

"The Grand Admiral has personally hired you too for this mission. He is unfortunately currently unavailable, so as a substitute he has pre-recorded this message." The officer bent down and placed a holoprojector. A fuzzy blue 3D image of Abalam appeared before them.

"The bounty hunters, I am glad that you have finally arrived. I am Grand Admiral Abalam and I have hired you for a very important mission. There is a group that I want captured or alternatively killed, we have limited information on them but it should be enough for you to find them. These characters have caused me a great amount of trouble. The first is the Rebel agent Baron Aegon, the second a Twi'lek known as Inna, and the third is a Farghul called Niko Trantis. They won't be easy targets, as much as I dislike them I can't help but admire how gifted they are at getting away with things. If you choose to accept this mission you will be provided with a datapad with additional information. You will be paid half now, the other half will be provided if you are successful. That is all." The hologram of Abalam disappeared. The officer handed the bounty hunters a datapad each.

"So is it a mission you wish to take?"

The bounty hunters looked at each other thinking it over. Trodd thought these Rebels didn't sound particularly dangerous, nothing a few detonators couldn't handle. He was the first to nod. The mission was a go. "We'll take it!" Trodd grinned, revealing his sharp Lasat teeth.

"Very good, your first payment will be transferred to you. We wish you the best of luck. If you need any additional information or have anything to report then please refer to your handler." The bounty hunters nodded to the officer before returning to the Foxcatcher. It was time to catch some Rebel scum.


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