The Sargent had the Doctor move to a different position as he got word that the Admiral was heading back to the ship. The doctor and the droid stayed near a pilar near the fountain.

The man is a charming sociopath at times, he thought watching the Admiral and his staff leaving. The Sargent had the squad lined up at the door. The Sargent was a not so nice sociopath in the doctor’s opinion and wanted the Admiral’s attention.

A Lieutenant stopped and talked to the Sargent and about 20 seconds in the assassination attempt hit. First came a thud then the sound of something rolling, next came the sound of an explosion as the thermal detinator released its infernal blast.

Smoke, dust, debris, and body parts rained down. As Chivek picked himself up off the floor, he brushed dust and debris off his hands and face. He started to check the bodies to see if they could be saved.
When he came to the Sargent, he removed his helmet to find an near human woman. She reached up grabbing his arm then said, “Chivek, kill the bastard that did this.” In that moment the young doctor could have done it. He hated the empire but he hated death even more.

Young storm troopers started to pour in. One asked, “Orders, Captain?”
Chivek looked up at them, “First thing do not stand in a group in a doorway that you know they have sighted in.” It was an obvious order.

Picked up her blaster pistol, he started to take command. “Send some troops in to check on those inside, set up a secured perimeter, get some air support and find me the damn assassins alive,” he yelled showing teeth and keeping his lips apart to make him look intimidating and even a bit scary. “And a couple to take care of these bodies,” he added.

He stomped out the door and stood down the steps watching the troops do their jobs.
He checked the pistol and set it to heavy stun.

A group of men with weapons were brought before him and lined up.

He raised the blaster pistol and dropped the first man in line. “Who put the trigger on the detonator?” He asked coldly.
With no answer he dropped two more.

With one rebel standing he said, “Put this one in cuffs and load them on a shuttle. I will take them up to be interrogated.”

After loading them on the shuttle, Two troopers started to climb in. Blaster bolts came ripping in, Chivek looked at them and said, “Go get them!” He punched the hatch closed button and lifted the shuttle in the air. He headed towards the space port.

In the comm, he told flight control he had prisoners and was getting them out of the combat zone. He would land at the space port till a pilot got there. He was a doctor not a pilot and he did not have the current clearance codes.

“Your team is not dead, I only stunned them,” he said.
“My droid is going to start reviving them and then you all are going to make it look like you took us hostage and some how get us away from here,” he said.

The shocked man said, “Why should we?”
Chivek replied, “I am a doctor not a storm trooper, I want to heal and help people. Not torture and maim them.”
He was saying he hated the empire without using the words.

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