The Secrets of the Tomb


Adna pulled out a glow stick from her pocket, she ignited the light and slowly rotated the light around the tomb. "Q-Threepio could you release the probe please?"

"Right away Miss Zaitoona." Q-3PO pulled open a small hatch on his chest, from it flew a spherical probe that rapidly scanned the dark tomb. "Gathering map data now." The probe dropped to the ground and displayed a holographic map of the tomb. Something caught Adna's eye immediately.

"You see that?" Adna pointed at a small area on the map.

"See what Miss Zaitoona?"

"That, right there! A little mound of some sort." Adna waved her index finger in a circular motion around the area of interest.

"I see it now Miss Zaitoona."

"Probe, can you pinpoint that area please?" A light on the probe glowed red and zipped off towards the area. Once it arrived it released a massive beam of scarlet light that illuminated the mound. Adna raced towards it, grabbing an excavation tool from her gear as she ran. "Come on Threepio!"

"Coming Miss Zaitoona!" Q-3PO whined as he slowly trundled toward the archaeologist. He was soon at her side, she was already digging through the heap of soil. Then the tool knocked something hard and judging from the sound likely metal in its composition. "Have you found something?"

"I think so!" Zaitoona grunted as she began to speed up. Then she found it a small regal chest, finely decorated with jewels and precious stones from all corners of the galaxy. "Now this looks expensive," Adna whispered. She carefully opened the ancient box and inside was a velvet sheet-wrapped golden pyramidical object, again carefully decorated with numerous exotic jewels. "Okay now, this looks really expensive. Q-3PO run some tests." Adna passed the artefact to the protocol droid. Q-Threepio's internal processor rapidly tested the old device, to give a rough estimate of age and even potentially its origin.

"If my calculations are correct I determine that this is a type of Holocron. It's difficult to determine its exact origin, but I estimate it to be from an age before the Republic. The gold metal is likely from the planet Umbara in the Ghost Nebula, it shares a simial composition to other artefacts made from Ubaran gold."

"A Holocron eh? This Grand Admiral definitely better pay me handsomely."

"Miss Zaitoona it is recorded that only a being gifted with the force can open a Holocron. They were tools of the Jedi and the Sith."

"They'll have a hard time finding one of those today, all the Jedi are dead. The Empire didn't exactly think that through did they?"

"It appears not," Q-3PO replied.

"Well, we'll keep looking. Keep examining the area see if you can detect any of traces of metals."

"Right away Miss Zaitoona!"

To Be Continued...

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