The Informant

Jodo Kast piloted the Foxcatch through the Slice, they were headed for Sran to meet a group of fellow bounty hunters. Maybe someone in their ranks would be helpful on this Rebel manhunt, perhaps the continued rivalries of the many hunters would continue to entertain the others. But then Kast's headset buzzed, an incoming communication, but from who? He nudged Puggles who was asleep and hadn't even realized. He woke up and answered. "Who is this?" Trodd asked.

"I can't tell you that," the voice replied, it was deep and sinister. It sounded like it was being electronically disguised.

"How did you get this contact?" Jodo Kast demanded.

"Let's just say that we are both friends of Abalam. He wanted me to update you on the location of a certain target of yours."


"I have it on good knowledge that one of the men you are looking for named Baron Aegon is headed for Nal Hutta."

"Why'd a Rebel be heading to Nal Hutta?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," the voice said. Puggles and Jodo looked at each other, they weren't fully convinced. But if they knew the name Abalam then they were surely in on the plot.

"So does our mutual friend want us to go to Nal Hutta then?" Trodd questioned.

"Indeed he does - report back to me when you arrive there. Is that understood?"

"How are we meant to report back to you? We don't even know who you are?"

"You don't need to know who I am, my contact information will be recorded on your ship's memory banks. Just call me Information." Puggles scratched his head in confusion as the voice gave them their instructions.

"Well... Information, we will head there now," said Kast.

"Very good. Don't fail the Grand Admiral." The voice faded away. Quickly Jodo Kast reset the ship's coordinates and began calculating a hyperspace jump to Nal Hutta. Fortunately, they weren't too far and the journey wouldn't end up being too long. The target was now almost in their reach.


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