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Free-form RPG of AU's, Crossovers & What ifs that explore our Verse/ fandoms if key moments were changed or worlds collide. Outcomes are decided by dice, scissors-paper-rock, or by what makes for good story. ... More...

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Created : Oct 13, 2021

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Lunar Veil: A Firefly Tale logo

Lunar Veil: A Firefly Tale

Merc work is a young man's game and Jago ain't a young man no more. Now looking at retirement Jago couldn't imagine himself settling down on some planet with a house and a picket fence. So he did what any self-respecting man who could shoot and talk at the same would do. He bought a ship. He ... More...

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Characters : 57

Created : Nov 6, 2018

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Hidden in Plain Sight logo

Hidden in Plain Sight

In the modern world, stories are often told to entertain young children, to put babies to sleep, to scare friends. There are many old tales of fantasy creatures, legendary wars, the supernatural, etc. People tell all kinds of stories, but they tend to forget the basic rules to every really good tale ... More...

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Created : Mar 18, 2023

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SkyNet City

Have you ever looked at the inside of a computer? At the motherboard? Have you ever looked at the lay out of a city? Kinda looks the same hu? Welcome to SkyNet City where the future is here and tomorrow is now...Everything they thought the future would be, it is..Robots, flying cars, the whol ... More...

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Characters : 11

Created : Apr 13, 2023

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Fallout New Vegas, New Heroes logo

Fallout New Vegas, New Heroes

What if the Courier's luck ran out that fateful night in the Goodsprings cemetery? Who would change the fate of the Mojave in their stead? That's where you come in. Create characters to explore the Mojave, makes friends, create enemies, and have fun because war never changes. Rules 1.This is a M ... More...

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Characters : 8

Created : Apr 10, 2023

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The Cage logo

The Cage

The Cage is an underground facility built below a destroyed world left in desolation and destruction. Only one city thrives above, but no one below knows of it. Be an experiment trying to escape, a guard/soldier, a hunter that goes to the surface to find new candidates, scientists, and more... No ... More...

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Characters : 33

Created : Mar 22, 2023

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Sunshine Springs logo

Sunshine Springs

Welcome to Sunshine Springs, a nice town in an East Coast state where everyone seems to know each other and live daily lives. There's just one odd thing about the town - not everyone is human. They can range from a dog eared police officer to a bird that serves coffee at the local diner. Feel fre ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 21

Created : May 23, 2023

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CATastrophe: Adventures in the Endless Blue logo

CATastrophe: Adventures in the Endless Blue

Notes: This is a MATURE game, which means mature themes will be in it. If you are worried about judgment, just add NSFW in the title so people will know what to expect. Thanks. On a post-civilization water world from which humanity has long vanished, the only traces left of this once-mighty race ... More...

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Characters : 6

Created : Apr 26, 2023

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Star Wars: Alliance logo

Star Wars: Alliance

Set during the early years of the Imperial age, the Republic has fallen and a select few fight to form an alliance to restore the Republic. This game takes place from 3BBY, create either a Rebel or Imperial or something else entirely as you venture through a galaxy far far away. This game uses Canon ... More...

Members : 9

Characters : 63

Created : Oct 29, 2020

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ALIEN: Sutter's World logo

ALIEN: Sutter's World

WHAT'S THE STORY, MUTHUR? --- The Prequel: Chariot of the Gods --- Space truckers manning the starfreighter USCSS Montero, commissioned by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, were running the Gauntlet, trade route between Anchorpoint Station and the Frontier to deliver a special order of Helium 3 to ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 39

Created : Nov 19, 2020

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Dangerous Too! logo

Dangerous Too!

Set in the Dangerous universe, people have superpowers. They are born with these powers and the use of these powers is outlawed. Individuals with these abilities are dressed and taken to special governing facilities. You can play as a member of the force tasked with hunting down such individuals or ... More...

Members : 5

Characters : 96

Created : Jul 4, 2022

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Star Wars: The Great Republic logo

Star Wars: The Great Republic

It is the age of the High Republic, the galaxy is at peace. The Republic rules most of the known galaxy, defended by Jedi Knights. But not all is how it may seem, evil still rears its ugly head as does war. Will you maintain this peace or will you go against it? This game takes place from 300 BB ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 6

Created : Apr 9, 2023

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What If...? The OW Platform logo

What If...? The OW Platform

Inspired by the Marvel/Disney series, this will be a platform to spin up several, 'What if..." scenarios and stories. Join up and either create a character from one of the existing "groups" or propose a canon character from another storyline of some kind. All ideas will be considered. Have your ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 32

Created : Apr 11, 2022

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Children of the Atlas logo

Children of the Atlas

Following the fall of the UBC (Universal Banking Corporation) and the complete collapse of the cryptocurrency systems in the Galaxy, the nomadic pirate faction known as The Armada moved from their hunting grounds in the outer rims of the galaxy. Leaving a path of destruction in their wake, bringing ... More...

Members : 2

Characters : 19

Created : Aug 11, 2020

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Jackalope Crossing logo

Jackalope Crossing

In the middle of the Nevada desert resides a town that is often overlooked by most. It's a dingy place that's been so forgotten by time that they still have a VHS rental store. The townsfolk are odd and keep to themselves mostly because they all have a secret... they're not all quite human. Yes in t ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 17

Created : Feb 21, 2023

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Another World logo

Another World

With the 100 year war having ended in victory for humankind, humanity once more reaches out across the void with the goal of reclaiming what has been lost during that long conflict. For the five thousand passengers and crew of the colony ship UECS Dresden that goal is the planet Cassia RJ2446 locate ... More...

Members : 2

Characters : 16

Created : Jun 30, 2022

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Fallout: Northwest logo

Fallout: Northwest

The year is 2282, it has been 205 since the bombs fell changing the world forever. Society has mostly rebuilt itself in the ruins of what once was Washington state. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean to the west, the northwest is a playground for gangs and factions. The New California Republic has expand ... More...

Members : 7

Characters : 19

Created : Feb 14, 2021

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Blue Dwarf logo

Blue Dwarf

Alone in a Godless universe and almost out of shake-and-vac. At least, that's what the Blue Dwarf crew think. They are remnants of the survivors of the human race following the destruction of earth are living in the giant floating cerulean city. What dangers await in the deep void of space? What ha ... More...

Members : 13

Characters : 93

Created : Sep 21, 2011

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Star Wars: Balance of the Force logo

Star Wars: Balance of the Force

Set in between Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) and Episode VII (The Force Awakens), "Star Wars: Balance of the Force" tells the story of what happened in those 30 years, big and small. In this epic tale, you can choose to be a citizen, Jedi, Padawan, Sith, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Rebel, Pilot, Ma ... More...

Members : 18

Characters : 59

Created : Dec 23, 2019

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  • Ummm ( Posted Nov 27, 2022)
  • Demand ( Posted Oct 13, 2022)
Robyn of The Hood logo

Robyn of The Hood

** This is an Email RPG Looking for Players ** Based on the Robin Hood legends, the Hood is a science fiction game set in the late 2870s. Humanity has left Earth and moved out among the stars, forming an Empire far away from their natal planet. In time, an Empire formed, under the rule of the Lio ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 1

Created : Nov 15, 2022

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