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Savage Lands logo

Savage Lands

** Enrollment to this group is now suspended. We thank you for your interest however. ** The 18th day Those who came before us called this place "The Savage Lands" no doubt named after the terrible beasts and savage tribes that call it home. Doctor Livingston who was with us at the start ... More...

Members : 11

Characters : 32

Created : Feb 8, 2020

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Browncoats Unite: Back to the Black (A Firefly Tale) logo

Browncoats Unite: Back to the Black (A Firefly Tale)

"Crew Needed. Passengers Wanted. Few Questions." Captain Colton Keller didn't have much left after the Unification War and ever since the broadcast Independents who'd previously submitted to the Alliance were rising up. Once a Browncoat, always a Browncoat. A second war was brewing, but wars cost ... More...

Members : 7

Characters : 34

Created : Nov 6, 2018

The New Heroes of Capitol City logo

The New Heroes of Capitol City

How to describe Capitol City. To some its a shining beacon of industry and technology. To others its a stinking cesspit of vile and dangerous people waiting to take advantage of the first poor sap to stumble down the wrong alley. No matter how you view it though Capitol City is definitely a city of ... More...

Members : 7

Characters : 14

Created : Mar 3, 2020

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Jericho logo


In the distant future mankind has begun to spread across the stars. An endeavor fueled by both a desire to explore uncharted worlds and the never-ending greed of the mega-corps that dominate the Central Systems at the heart of galactic civilization. On the fringes of known space lies a world th ... More...

Members : 8

Characters : 41

Created : Jan 30, 2020

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Machine God logo

Machine God

Welcome to the red planet, our new home. We fucked the earth in the ass and decided to start again here on Mars... and guess what? Its already fucked. Most folk live in Oracle, a monster of a city hammered together from the remains of the colony ship that brought us all here. Up in orbit a second ... More...

Members : 9

Characters : 30

Created : Mar 3, 2019

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Hero High logo

Hero High

Hero High is a floating high school where young super humans are taught how to use their powers. This establishment was created back in the fifties to help super humans learn to control their powers after one to many incidents. Once a child is identified as a super human they are automatically enr ... More...

Members : 56

Characters : 175

Created : Apr 19, 2014

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Star Wars: Balance of the Force logo

Star Wars: Balance of the Force

Set in between Episode VI (Return of the Jedi) and Episode VII (The Force Awakens), "Star Wars: Balance of the Force" tells the story of what happened in those 30 years, big and small. In this epic tale, you can choose to be a citizen, Jedi, Padawan, Sith, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Rebel, Pilot, Ma ... More...

Members : 11

Characters : 13

Created : Dec 23, 2019

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The Stars Are Numbered logo

The Stars Are Numbered

It is the year 2665 A.D. Mankind has stretched into the galaxy, first with the advent of the spike drive developed by Tiberius Crohn, then again with the Jump Gates. The Terran Mandate has reached the pinnacle of development, with psionics now well understood and controlled by the enigmatic Psion ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 15

Created : Jul 4, 2019

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Across the Void logo

Across the Void

A classic Traveller setting. It all started with three little black books. "This is Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone...Mayday, Mayday...we are under attack...main drive is gone...turret number one not responding...Mayday...losing cabin pressure fast...calling anyone...please help...This is Fre ... More...

Members : 2

Characters : 2

Created : Mar 26, 2020

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Abnormals logo


This story takes place in a world where the super-powered known as abnormals are in danger especially after a tragedy related to super powers wiped out a city. The abnormals are being pursued by a special devision known as anubis witch was set up by the government to hunt down and capture or el ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 9

Created : Mar 12, 2020

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  • Kind ( Posted Mar 26, 2020)
  • The camp ( Posted Mar 25, 2020)
Gamers Unite! logo

Gamers Unite!

You are a game character from any various game in the past or present. Life has been continuous loop of repetition for as long as you can remember. To make it more complicated the addition of the Internet only added to number of games to compete with. Some games died off and some were brought bac ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 7

Created : Mar 24, 2020

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The Storm Syndicate logo

The Storm Syndicate

On present day earth, there is one agency tasked with investigating every anomaly, every UFO or paranormal occurrence, every haunted location, everything that defies man's explanation. They call themselves The Storm Syndicate. Headed by Agent Zero, The Storm Syndicate is made up of agents of vary ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 11

Created : Jan 26, 2020

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Bolivar Crabbe : The Carstairs Files logo

Bolivar Crabbe : The Carstairs Files

Espionage adventures of Bolivar Crabbe, detective from the 22nd century, investigates the disappearance of Clifton Carstairs, all the while avoiding the machinations of Edrath Bode. ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 0

Created : Mar 10, 2020

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Across the Stars logo

Across the Stars

Remember that evening?....Oh, you know the one I'm talking about. That one evening when you looked to the starry sky, glaring at the never-ending sea of stars, and you wondered at the mere marvel of the sight. But, unfortunately, after a few minutes--at best--you told yourself that you were just not ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 15

Created : Jun 13, 2019

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Lost in Pegasus Galaxy logo

Lost in Pegasus Galaxy

The Crew of the USS Tempest have become lost in the Pegasus galaxy, 3 million light years from home. These are their adventures, as they struggle to survive & battle with unknown new foes! ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 3

Created : Jan 7, 2020

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Swords and sorcerers logo

Swords and sorcerers

Welcome to the the United confederation of independent realms and planets. The confederation is made to bring peace and prosperity. Help them, or don't. Become an outcast, if that is what pleases you. Or be someone who hunts outcasts. Or neither, be a space pilot and travel to different planets and ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 11

Created : Feb 9, 2020

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Wizard of the Wasteland logo

Wizard of the Wasteland

When the Stareyes came to Earth they destroyed all, no war, chemical or nuclear, could compare. Only 30% of Human life remains now. What were the Stareyes? No one knows. The only thing that matters is what they left behind: monsters, anomalies, terrible space radiation, and... ...the books. ... More...

Members : 4

Characters : 5

Created : Dec 20, 2019

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USS Wright logo

USS Wright

Based on the TV show "The Orville", this is a game about the "USS Wright", an Exploratory spaceship working for the Planetary Union in the 25th century. The ship's mission is to explore deep space, & report their findings back to the Planetary Union... without dying or blowing anyone up or anything. ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 5

Created : Nov 29, 2019

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Stranded on Gallus IX logo

Stranded on Gallus IX

The spacecruiser 'Oswald Rikers' has crashed on an unknown planet called Gallus IX. The ship was carrying holidaymakers on a cruise of the Gallus Nebula, as well as a crew of trained StarCorps professionals, who will all have to work together to survive on this mysterious planet. ... More...

Members : 4

Characters : 5

Created : Nov 12, 2019

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USS Pathfinder - Star Trek sim logo

USS Pathfinder - Star Trek sim

These are the voyages of the USS Pathfinder. A refitted Federation starship ready to embark on a new mission of exploration to the uncharted "Nether Vanir" sector of the galaxy. The Pathfinder is taking on new crew after a mysterious event left its previous crew all dead. ... More...

Members : 4

Characters : 5

Created : Dec 6, 2019

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