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Advenures in the 25th Century logo

Advenures in the 25th Century

Loosely based on the Pulp Sci-Fi stories of classic Buck Rogers (and the associated TSR roleplaying game of the 80's), along with elements of The Expanse, this game will chronicle the story of a group of space citizens in the far future, navigating a difficult socio-political landscape as they exper ... More...

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Characters : 8

Created : May 12, 2017

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Mythodovia - The Mages' Dimension logo

Mythodovia - The Mages' Dimension

Invited: Scholars of Magic (Adept and Masters) Bring your Magic, Mystic, and Cosmic abilities here! Share your wisdom on what your magical endeavors should be, and let the rest of us experience it! Spells and potions? Make your own! Start a Group, Tribe, Coven, Order...or a completely di ... More...

Members : 4

Characters : 8

Created : Dec 30, 2015

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The Lost Island logo

The Lost Island

You were recently in Australia for business or pleasure and on Oceanic Flight 896 bound for a quick stop at India before changing flights to a different destination. Suddenly your flight hits some major turbulence and begins going down hard and fast. According to the pilot, the flight seems to be of ... More...

Members : 1

Characters : 5

Created : May 25, 2017

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World Domination logo

World Domination

A game where you can play out your wildest world domination plans along with fellow Villains! Set in present day 2016 ... More...

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Characters : 5

Created : Mar 25, 2016

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The 7 Deadly Sins logo

The 7 Deadly Sins

Imagine a magical world full of humans, demi-humans (elves, halflings, animal people, lizard people, pixies, faeries..etc ), giants and demons. Many try to co-exits while others prefer war as they muddle through life. However it is said that to reach the pinnacle of power one must earn the mark of ... More...

Members : 8

Characters : 17

Created : Mar 28, 2017

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2778 A.D. logo

2778 A.D.

The world is a wasteland with few forests. After WWVI 200 years ago, all nuclear devices have been launched and all known countries dissolved. Now, everything is like a desert. The world was renamed Sabaku. There are four different types of people: The Richies: Those who had money, influence, and ... More...

Members : 7

Characters : 83

Created : Aug 11, 2015

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Avengers Assemble logo

Avengers Assemble

After Washington, DC was nearly destroyed by a superhuman with deadly abilities, SHIELD, a secret organization, decides to deploy a team of people who can not only hunt down the superhuman, but to also protect the world in the futur ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 6

Created : May 13, 2017

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A Game of Thrones logo

A Game of Thrones

This story takes place right at the beginning of game of thrones, it will focus more on the vassal houses an how the events affect others along the way. you can also play as a canon character but they should be somewhat in character ... More...

Members : 2

Characters : 2

Created : May 12, 2017

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The Verse - Other Adventures in the Firefly Universe logo

The Verse - Other Adventures in the Firefly Universe

Have you ever wondered what everyone else was up to in the Firefly universe? I sure have. Clearly there were other crews operating out there. What if you could have lived in this alternate reality? What would you have done? Now's your chance! Become a member of Vengeance, a Komodo class ship ... More...

Members : 8

Characters : 26

Created : Jun 3, 2016

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Pandora High logo

Pandora High

Pandora High is no ordinary high school. Though it seems like a normal high school for humans who go about their daily lives, there are many living others a secret life. For various reasons there are supernatural creatures and aliens disguised as humans and trying to blend in without notice. Howe ... More...

Members : 5

Characters : 23

Created : Mar 16, 2017

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Magic Agents logo

Magic Agents

(Harry Potter Meets James Bond) In the world of Science and Technology, Magic and Magicians exist under the shadows of modern society. You are a Magic Agent and your primary objective is to keep the peace in the world, to protect your nation from being attacked by foreign magicians with ill in ... More...

Members : 15

Characters : 72

Created : Jul 1, 2016

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Humanity Rising! The Wastelands logo

Humanity Rising! The Wastelands

A continuation of the game Humanity Rising! created by Worldling Original Premise, slightly modified: When humanity was attacked by an alien race known only as the Klarg we resisted with the full might of the combined human forces. The result was thus, our armies were completely overwhelmed and ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 33

Created : Mar 4, 2017

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Heroes Association logo

Heroes Association

Join the Heroes Association in the Alternate Reality of One-Punch Man. Become a Rank D, C, B, A, Or S-Class Hero and save the City from Monsters and Villains - or become those Town Wrecking Monsters and Interesting Super Villains yourself! Pick up a Hero-like name and let's start fighting! ... More...

Members : 19

Characters : 142

Created : Feb 7, 2016

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The New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen & Women logo

The New League of Extraordinary Gentlemen & Women

This game takes place in present time. Back in 1899 several rare & gifted individuals were gathered to save the world from devastation by the evil Professor James Moriarty. They succeeded but paid dearly for their efforts. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen continued to use their extraordinary ... More...

Members : 4

Characters : 10

Created : May 7, 2017

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PokeMon: Explorers logo

PokeMon: Explorers

>>>Message Received To HoloNet>Initializing Transmission To (SUBJECT NAME HERE) ... More...

Members : 5

Characters : 15

Created : Apr 23, 2017

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New Minions of the Dark Lord logo

New Minions of the Dark Lord

(Private Play By Post with a certain Silent in the Night) The Dark Minion Party of Lord Sanguine continues their quest in solving the last puzzle of the Opal Castle. Somehow, this involves them being sent into a Holy City by the title of Athabasca. The party being split via transfer, will Fig ... More...

Members : 2

Characters : 11

Created : May 16, 2017

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Faster than Light *Please Join! logo

Faster than Light *Please Join!

*Adoptable Roles, or Create your own! Loosely based on the game FTL. You join a crew of a spaceship traveling to reaches of the galaxy not yet explored. Command your own ship or join an existing crew. Be and explorer, Pirate, or military commissioned vessel. The choices are yours and the possibi ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 75

Created : May 5, 2015

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Infinity Field logo

Mobile Suit Gundam: Infinity Field

What Is a Mobile Suit? It is a walking bi-pedal mech weapon that was originally meant for surviving the hostilities of space, but militaries across the world found a better use for them on the front lines of battlefields as one Mobile suit had the power of an entire company of soldiers and armor ... More...

Members : 2

Characters : 3

Created : Jan 4, 2017

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Blade Runner: New York logo

Blade Runner: New York

On the ashen shores of the eastern coast of the United States, the city of New York is as sleepless as ever. Towering megastructures rise up over the thick clouds of smog and the decrepit ruins of the old city as fields of smoke stacks belch fire up into the heavens. It is here that the monolithic T ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 12

Created : Dec 22, 2016

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Fragment logo


According to folklore, thousands of years ago, a powerful group of people managed to defeat and seal away an immortal dark witch who caused nothing but calamity and grief to humankind. But the immense power of the witch was too strong and too dangerous to be sealed in one place. To make sure the pow ... More...

Members : 8

Characters : 14

Created : Jul 2, 2016

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