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Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Online logo

Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle Online

The game of Jumanji has managed to get into the internet. It created its own website game with a free trial to trick the next generation of gamers into a life and death game. You will make a character of your normal person who plays the game then you can adopt an avatar or make a new one pending a ... More...

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Characters : 45

Created : Jun 15, 2020

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DC: War for Tomorrow logo

DC: War for Tomorrow

10 years ago, the world went to shit. The Justice League lost, and Lex Luthor became the leader of the free world. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Shazam, etc. All dead. Gone, taken out by Luthor's pet, Doomsday. A Doomsday infused with Fear Toxin and Bane's Venom. Now ... More...

Members : 16

Characters : 53

Created : Sep 2, 2019

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Monsters of Legend logo

Monsters of Legend

The year is 1943 and the World is in peril as World War Two or WWII is going on. The Allied Nations of Europe, US, Russia and China as fighting against the Axis Forces led by Germany, Italy and Japan. The death toll is at an all time high as both sides are loosing civilians and soldiers. To help ... More...

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Characters : 34

Created : Apr 11, 2020

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Shiloh logo


Welcome to Shiloh Population 2003 May 17th, 2020 It's been two months. March 14th, 2020. The day the world ended. I mean, it didn't exactly end, just went to hell in a handbasket. Maybe we were lucky; Shiloh is probably one of the best places to be in an apocalypse. Yeah, I can't believe ... More...

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Characters : 15

Created : Apr 21, 2020

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HMC logo


During a zombie outbreak, members of a small Private Military Company, Horizon Military Contractors, are sent to rescue the survivors of a medical treatment center in Northern Iraq and bring them to a private airfield in Lebanon for transport back to the United States. ... More...

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Characters : 13

Created : Mar 7, 2020

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Maelstrom logo


Maelstrom takes place in a steampunk setting where a precious resource called Flagesium powers the remaining bastions of humanity. As far as anyone knows, most humans either live in one of two cities, the floating utopia of Elesium, or the smoggy city below, Dusk. Flagesium is acquired from a great ... More...

Members : 10

Characters : 63

Created : Mar 2, 2018

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Wannabe Heroes logo

Wannabe Heroes

Imagine living in a world where super heroes protected the cities from criminals on a regular basis. Then the criminals decided to declare war on the supers and the poor city people were caught in the crossfire. Sadly the villains won but at a cost. Only a few heroes survived and they were either ... More...

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Characters : 16

Created : May 2, 2020

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The Stars Are Numbered logo

The Stars Are Numbered

It is the year 2665 A.D. Mankind has stretched into the galaxy, first with the advent of the spike drive developed by Tiberius Crohn, then again with the Jump Gates. The Terran Mandate has reached the pinnacle of development, with psionics now well understood and controlled by the enigmatic Psion ... More...

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Characters : 15

Created : Jul 4, 2019

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Gamers Unite! logo

Gamers Unite!

You are a game character from any various game in the past or present. Life has been continuous loop of repetition for as long as you can remember. To make it more complicated the addition of the Internet only added to number of games to compete with. Some games died off and some were brought bac ... More...

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Characters : 7

Created : Mar 24, 2020

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Wizard of the Wasteland logo

Wizard of the Wasteland

When the Stareyes came to Earth they destroyed all, no war, chemical or nuclear, could compare. Only 30% of Human life remains now. What were the Stareyes? No one knows. The only thing that matters is what they left behind: monsters, anomalies, terrible space radiation, and... ...the books. ... More...

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Characters : 5

Created : Dec 20, 2019

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Illumination logo


The lonesome and young Warrior Queen Layla rules her kingdom known for it's diversity in species and personalities. There are several kingdoms on the planet Malaiya, but hers has remained the largest kingdom for three generations. In this kingdom lies one of the largest village-cities known to the e ... More...

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Characters : 9

Created : Nov 10, 2019

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Fallout: Queen City logo

Fallout: Queen City

Year 2300, you take your first steps out if Vault 123 into the ruins of Charlotte, NC. The half crumbled buildings and ruins of old gas stations and supermarkets. What was once a bustling trade city is now left in shambles, much like the rest of the world, for you to rebuild however you see fit. ... More...

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Characters : 19

Created : Oct 31, 2019

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Avengers: Exodus logo

Avengers: Exodus

Manipulating space and time, Dr. Strange traveled to the past to warn the Avengers of the upcoming Infinity War and more importantly, how it would end in disaster for everyone. In an attempt to prevent Thanos from destroying half the multiverse population, Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) performed a ... More...

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Characters : 18

Created : Dec 30, 2018

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A Doomed Destiny logo

A Doomed Destiny

A Doomed Destiny is a series about a world, named Atlas, that was created after the destruction of Earth. Earth's destruction was caused by the humans mainly but along with other species, when they were influenced enough to destroy their own planet causing Heaven itself to fall as well. Atlas wa ... More...

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Created : Oct 14, 2019