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Dark Age of Aeran logo

Dark Age of Aeran

It has been 112 years since the raid that changed the lands of Aeran. Two Kingdoms had warred and found ruin against Timber Crag. Dalen is no more, now a wasteland of monsters and warring city-states. Verden rises as the last of the Two Kingdoms of yore; the Eastern lands are a mass of prejudice and ... More...

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Created : Sep 29, 2020

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Fallout New Vegas, New Heroes logo

Fallout New Vegas, New Heroes

What if the Courier's luck ran out that fateful night in the Goodsprings cemetery? Who would change the fate of the Mojave in their stead? That's where you come in. Create characters to explore the Mojave, makes friends, create enemies, and have fun because war never changes. Rules 1.This is a M ... More...

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Created : Apr 10, 2023

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The Gifted logo

The Gifted

After a near-cataclysmic cosmic event rips a hole between several universes, it becomes evident that reality has been permanently altered.. whether these new changes are for better or worse - it's too soon to tell. As the earth shook violently, earthquakes, tsunamis, and power cells raged through ci ... More...

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Created : Sep 29, 2023

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Star Wars: War in the Unknown Regions logo

Star Wars: War in the Unknown Regions

NOTICE: We are no longer accepting characters that are not from the Unknow Regions or currently in the Unknown Regions. If your character is not originally from the Unknown Regions but already there your CS must state why. After Ahsoka was saved by Ezra and brought to the World Between Worlds an ... More...

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Created : Aug 29, 2023

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Celestial Nexus logo

Celestial Nexus

In this futuristic conflict, the cosmos is a stage where myriad factions vie for supremacy. Technological marvels define this era, as factions harness advancements from unknown sources. The origins of these technologies remain shrouded in mystery, sparking an arms race that transcends galaxies. A ... More...

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Created : Dec 6, 2023

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War Never-Ending logo

War Never-Ending

In a dark future time. War is what fuels modern society but with no Alien menace to fear nor any real external threats to face the only real enemy is the ones manufactured for humanity to fight. ... More...

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Created : Oct 19, 2023

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Game of Thrones: The Next Generation logo

Game of Thrones: The Next Generation

Peace had come to Westeros. Bran the Broken has been a fair and just ruler but never took a wife nor named a successor. King Bran is on his deathbed and the Six Kingdoms await his final decree.... who will rule? Help decide! You are one of the next generation of nobles or their children from ... More...

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Created : Oct 23, 2023

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Lost In Space

In the year 2300 Earth was running out of resources due to wasteful humans. Granted Earth had made many advances in technology, science, recycling, however the pollution levels became irreversible for humanity. To save humanity several mining/exploration ships were created to colonize other worlds ... More...

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Created : Nov 12, 2021

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