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OOC - appologys

May 30, 2024, 2:21pm by Lily

I apologize for my absence the second half of the school year took a toll on me, I just did not have it in me to post. ...

More confusion

May 30, 2024, 2:20pm by Lily

“All pilots should be on a pilot shift on this ship. What’s your name, rank and position? I’ll talk to Thrawn about it”she said sweetly. She turned her attention back to her feet ...

Silent Jawa

Apr 8, 2024, 2:43pm by Morphy514

At Astra's words, Jewel began to shrink away and was going to return to the ship, but Atlus' kindness stopped her. She tilted her head and listened to his explanation, contemplating and calc ...


Apr 7, 2024, 5:28pm by Kandy

When Astra raised a brow at the Jawa and noticed Coralina carrying crates, the brunette felt a hint of anxiety spike within herself. Only, when the red head spoke it was a surprising questio ...

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