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2778 A.D. logo

2778 A.D.

The world is a wasteland with few forests. After WWVI 200 years ago, all nuclear devices have been launched and all known countries dissolved. Now, everything is like a desert. The world was renamed Sabaku. There are four different types of people: The Richies: Those who had money, influence, and ... More...

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Characters : 84

Created : Aug 11, 2015

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The Verse - Other Adventures in the Firefly Universe logo

The Verse - Other Adventures in the Firefly Universe

Have you ever wondered what everyone else was up to in the Firefly universe? I sure have. Clearly there were other crews operating out there. What if you could have lived in this alternate reality? What would you have done? Now's your chance! Become a member of Vengeance, a Komodo class ship ... More...

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Characters : 27

Created : Jun 3, 2016

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Death Game...Continued logo

Death Game...Continued

Welcome to "Death Game...Continued". Three years ago the game "Origin of Oblivion" came out with with a the VR helmets. It was a big hit and sold 10,000 units with a backlog of 50,000 units in back order. However to the surprise of everyone the game was a death trap and the 10,000 players were no ... More...

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Created : Sep 20, 2017

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Hero High logo

Hero High

Hero High is a floating high school where young super humans are taught how to use their powers. This establishment was created back in the fifties to help super humans learn to control their powers after one to many incidents. Once a child is identified as a super human they are automatically enr ... More...

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Created : Apr 20, 2014

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Darkness logo


Darkness is a time when humans have just awoken a ancient race of murdering monsters, The killgons, They are an empire with different rank, they had the power to use the darkness to help them take over the world in their time. They are back, and because of it, so is the supernatural. Also humans ca ... More...

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Characters : 3

Created : Sep 22, 2017

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Upperclassmen logo


Welcome to st.Christophers Privet learning. This is a school split into two groups. Boys and girls. They have to separate campuses. Each campus has the class rooms, two dorms, a recreational center, and a gym. the foot ball/soccer field, track and baseball field are shared. But the classes are sepa ... More...

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Characters : 62

Created : Jun 3, 2017

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Henchmen Inc. logo

Henchmen Inc.

Welcome to Henchmen Inc., Located in Atlanta, Georgia. As a member of Henchmen Inc. you are contracted out to various villains who have more money than brains. While contracted out to a villain you are expected to do your job to the best of your ability, even if it is bizarre like putting laser gu ... More...

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Characters : 23

Created : Aug 24, 2017

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The harlquin logo

The harlquin

The Harlequin exists to police and punish supernatural leaders who violate various rules, wich all come back to the basics. Dont be get noticed by to many humans. Dont kill others of your kined. The harliqun is composed of very old and powerful vampires who are capable of manipulating the behaviors ... More...

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Characters : 7

Created : Sep 17, 2017

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Superhero School logo

Superhero School

All over the world, there are superheros. They sometimes have kids. These kids get bullied in the normal schools. This school teaches 6 graders and up how to use their powers and all the other normal school stuff; Math, Science, ELA, Social Studies etc... But these children get separated based on i ... More...

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Characters : 6

Created : Sep 16, 2017

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Firefly: The Orion Chronicles logo

Firefly: The Orion Chronicles

The year is 2512. Other than the crew of the Serenity there were other Independent Vets trying to start a new life after the way with the Alliance. One of them was Jack Raine of the Independents. Even after Unification Day, he could find no peace after loosing his home and family to the Alliance. He ... More...

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Characters : 15

Created : Jul 22, 2017

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The Secret Life of animals logo

The Secret Life of animals

With all the different types of animals, they all have one thing in common; a secret life we may never learn of. In this game I would like you to create posts about secret life's, that will spiral into the animals taking over the world! (Maybe in a while first, though.) ... More...

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Characters : 1

Created : Sep 15, 2017

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The Dollhouse logo

The Dollhouse

Welcome to the Dollhouse. This is a secret unofficial government facility that takes undesirable members of society and reprogrammed them in to specialized spies for the government in the present time. They are customized spies minus the experience and cost. Many of the Dolls are criminals from dea ... More...

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Characters : 6

Created : Sep 15, 2017

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School for the Misfits logo

School for the Misfits

The SM (School for the Misfits) was made for half-humans. Some of these half-humans had a non-human parent or was cursed at birth. This game is for people to create characters that are unique in their own, very special way. Please join! ... More...

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Characters : 4

Created : Aug 10, 2017

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Void Marauders. logo

Void Marauders.

An abrupt twist of fate left the passengers of the Ex-PSC "Jumper" helpless into the infinity of space ... An amalgam of ruthless mercenaries, loyal government employees and rash travelers are put to the test, in what would be the adventure of their lives. ... More...

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Characters : 7

Created : Jul 5, 2017

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New Minions of the Dark Lord logo

New Minions of the Dark Lord

(Private Play By Post with a certain Silent in the Night) The Dark Minion Party of Lord Sanguine continues their quest in solving the last puzzle of the Opal Castle. Somehow, this involves them being sent into a Holy City by the title of Athabasca. The party being split via transfer, will Fig ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 12

Created : May 16, 2017

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Second Chances logo

Second Chances

This is a reincarnation game where your character gets a Second Chance. As your character is dying in the present time world their mind is filled with pain, regret, sorrow and wishes. Upon waking up they find they are in a new world and like in a D&D story reincarnated for a Second Chance at life. ... More...

Members : 7

Characters : 15

Created : Nov 25, 2016

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Piracy For Dummies logo

Piracy For Dummies

A group of people gets sent back to the past with supernatural powers...super original, i know. The time period is the golden age of piracy, the powers should also hava a disadvantage, and i will direct the story. For now, here are the ground rules that i decided on: Don't be a jerk. Come up w ... More...

Members : 6

Characters : 9

Created : Aug 11, 2017

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Blue Dwarf logo

Blue Dwarf

Alone in a Godless universe and almost out of shake-and-vac. At least, that's what the Blue Dwarf crew think. They are remnants of the survivors of the human race following the destruction of earth are living in the giant floating cerulean city. What dangers await in the deep void of space? What ha ... More...

Members : 14

Characters : 86

Created : Sep 21, 2011

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Secuvia: The Criminals' Kingdom logo

Secuvia: The Criminals' Kingdom

In an attempt to escape the law, the ten most wanted criminals hid on an island known as Secuvia. They made a village on this island and became leaders of their new society. Two hundred years later, Secuvia is one of the most peaceful places on the continent of Adarill. The ten leaders are descen ... More...

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Created : Jun 10, 2017

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Past Lives High logo

Past Lives High

Past Lives High is a nickname for the Top Secret government funded Gemini High School. Here students attend high school and learn to proper use the powers of their past lives. Using a special bracelet and special training the student can access their hidden powers for a limited time depending on t ... More...

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Characters : 11

Created : Jul 28, 2017

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