Spirit Talk

The old amusement park was eerily silent. It was usually quiet but there were always a few werewolves, vampires, and perhaps some actual animals making use of the area, even if it was just passing through. Tonight it was more like the crime scene tape, or the nature of the crime itself was keeping everyone and everything away.

Even the sky had an overcast about it, darkening the moon and stars. It maybe wasn’t an ideal time to be here but Giorgio, Angelica, and Giuseppe Giovanni were taking full advantage of the quiet, knowing it was easier to speak to the other side without the distractions.

Giuseppe's job was typical of the muscular clan member, he was keeping guard while the other two checked out where the bodies of the children were found. The bodies themselves had been removed and were now sitting in a morgue, but Giovanni knew with the killings being so recent if the spirits of the children were hanging around, they would likely still be here.

Giorgio was the first to attempt to reach them, He found a seat near the body outlines and closed his eyes. Angelica would keep an eye on him, if things went badly, she knew how to pull out her cousin.

It was dark, the sounds of spirits fell around him. Giorgio was suddenly walking, in a field.

“Hello,” He called in a gentle voice.

Laughter came from behind a tree, a shadow or figure then it was gone as if it had never been there at all.

“I am looking for two children. They would have joined all of you recently.” Giorgio stated. “I won’t hurt them or try to take them. I just want to talk with them.”

“That’s what the man said.” A small female voice responded.

“What man?” Giorgio asked.

“The man that took us. He said he just had a question for us.” The girl suddenly appeared. She had blonde almost white hair and eyes the color of the sky on a clear day. “I don’t know his name.”

“What did this man look like?” Giorgio asked.

“I don’t know. He changed how he looked. He wasn’t scary looking, then he was.” She said.

“What about the other children he took?” Giorgio asked. “Are they here as well.”

“Some are, but they won’t talk to you.” The little girl said. “The man was like you but not.”

“You mean he was a vampire?” Giorgio questioned the girl.

“Yes, I thought I was in a nightmare, at first but it was real.” The girl seemed remarkably calm for having undergone such trauma.

“You don’t seem upset.” Giorgio was a little surprised by her response.

“Nothing to do about it.” Was the last thing she said before she disappeared.

Giorgio awoke, he had been out for almost an hour. He looked at Angelica, “it was a vampire. One with obfuscate, at least, that kidnapped the children found here.”

Angelica sighed. “Well, that certainly doesn’t narrow it down.”

Giorgio shook his head. “No, it doesn’t. I guess we should find where the other children were found and maybe tap into the veil there.”

Angelica nodded. “I suppose, but for now let’s head home, we can put this in the report.”

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