Meeting into Investigation

JP with Redsword, Lasersexpanther, Jaxx and Cindy

Leon, Colette, Angelica, and Giorgio all arrived at The Prince's building at the same time. They were escorted to a waiting area by a ghoul and then took seats. Not one of them seemed to know what to say, they all had contacts, they all knew about the dead children and all thought it was a hideous act.

So, they awaited the others who were likely summoned to the meeting, and possibly Lia to arrive. As they sat quietly mulling over the question of, what in the world was going on in the city?

Erykah and Dominic showed up afterward at the Prince's office to the meeting and quietly listened to what would be announced.

Jai arrived almost late, he knew deep down that he had people to do most of this work for him and he could just be the one to finish it. But to him being so young and getting this position as sheriff he felt like he had to prove himself even if that meant working himself to the bone. He put down a folder as he sat, something he was clearly reading as he came to the meeting. He folded his arms and waited.

Mr. Williams and Lia walked in, "Thank you for coming on such short notice." said the prince as he sat at the top of the large conference table Lia sat next to him looking over her iPad. for those who stood up as he walked in he told them to have a seat.

"I have called you all here we have a problem that must be addressed. Someone is killing children in some ritual way. Dumping their bodies in our area and on the border of the Werewolves and ours. which is drawing attention to us a little too close," stated Mr. Williams.

"I am hoping that all of you here can help me find out what's happening and who's behind it. I have the full report and information all sent to you securely. The information is to remain with us for now." Instructed Mr. Williams.

"I know you all have a lot on your plates right now but we need to deal with this right now. I think it is a reputation attack, trying to make us look bad and discredit us and Me around my leadership. To make our establishment look bad in front of everyone. I hope it is just that is what's happening here." said Mr. Williams.

Picking up a remote he put some images up on a bit screen of some children's white corpses drained of blood with runes carved into them. "The police found these children all kidnapped around schools and probably targeted. Not connection between any of them and seems to be completely radome. All dumped in remote areas also seem random. I do say it is someone who knows the borders of the different groups here because most of the bodies were discovered on the borders like the Werewolves and Sabbat which think they have borders in this City." He says this information with some contempt in his tone.

"I would like to know if you guys recognize anything from these photos. If you know a group that operates within this city that would do something like this? how can you help me in investigating these crimes?" asked Mr. Williams.

Both Leon and Colette had braced themselves because they knew what was coming, still, they found the killing of children to be horrible. Leon then voiced his opinion about who might have done it. "Mr. Williams I have never seen anything like this but it seems like the Sabbat are targeting you, and your leadership. I would hazard a guess this might be their work." He paused. "I could send our feelers through the underground networks the Nos have. Colette could help me with that."

Angelica then spoke, "Giorgio and I could go to where the bodies were found and see if their spirits are willing to speak with us. We also do not know who could have done this." (edited)

Erykah replied, "If ya need us to aid with any rituals or magic tools. We be available for ya. Though I have not seen this happen before." Erykah looked and Dominic who seemed just as lost on the topic as she was. Though it looked like a voodoo ritual on the appearance it was not fitting of any ritual they were familiar with.

Jai crossed his arms. "I can make some calls, put some of my people's noses to the ground see what they can find." Jai said, "I know one phone call I can make...but he'll probably want to meet directly with you Mr. Williams. He's a bit...eccentric." he said unsure if that word covered it. Though the contact in question was far less weird than Tzimisce he was still strange by most's standards.

Mr. Williams sat back and looked at the screen on the wall. He did not feel anything about the children dying his heart did not hurt not even a tear for them. Not that vampires don't have emotions just not with death. Thinking Mr. Williams was madder over someone who disobeyed his law and would have to pay.

"So now I can see that we have more questions than answers. We have to get answers. If the FBI or some other organization gets involved. It will make things very difficult for us. I think you all know this," said Mr. Williams looking a bit aggrieved. "I will have access for Giorgio within the hour I would like the law enforcement gone before Giorgio shows up. But if not get in touch with Lia she will let our contact know," instructed Mr. Williams.

"Miss and Mr. LaPoint, I would like the Nos to go out to see what they can find I would appreciate it greatly. You can report any findings back to me" required Mr. Williams.

“Miss Badu If you would like you could also go with Giorgio to the site where the bodies were to take a look around. We could have missed something there," suggested Mr. Williams.

"Mr. Jai, get what you can and let me know your findings," said Mr. Williams.

"We can meet again if necessary this is a priority for me. So let us get out there and find out what's going on," said Mr. Williams with a smile.

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