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Summary: She is the Administrator, bodygourd and part time lover for the Prince

Lia Avraham

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Gender: Female

Age: Embraced late 1950 looks to be 22

Group: Banu Haqim (Formerly Assamites)


US, Israelite descent


Operatives, bodyguard, assassin
Masters in Business Administration

Auspex Super Strong is a Discipline that grants vampires supernatural senses.
Dominate above average strength is a Discipline that overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's decree.
Fortitude super strong: is a Discipline that grants Kindred unearthly toughness, even to the point of resisting fire and sunlight.
Presence above average strength: is the Discipline of supernatural allure and emotional manipulation which allows Kindred to attract, sway, and control crowds.
Obfuscate super strong: is a Discipline that allows vampires to conceal themselves, deceive the mind of others, or make them ignore what the user does not want to be seen.
Celerity above average strength: is a Discipline that grants vampires supernatural quickness and reflexes.

Acute Senses: all her senses are exceptionally stronger than normal. Even by kindred standards. When used in tandem with Auspex, the senses taken reach superhuman levels. For example: when used in tandem with Auspex, her sight becomes almost microscopic, and your tastebuds can detect minute differences in Parts per million.

Ambidexterity Both of her hands function equally well, and as such, she takes no penalty for performing and dexterous movements or tasks with her "off" hand.

Baby-face she looks more human than other vampires, enabling her to fit in the human world much more easily. her skin is pink, she never really stopped breathing (even though you don’t need to), and even sneezing comes naturally. she can make your heartbeat as long as you have at least one Blood Point.

Cat-like Balance All difficulties involving balance are she takes no penalty for performing and dexterous movements

Danger Sense she has a natural 6th sense when it comes to danger. This merit is more accurate and specific than Auspex, but the two can be used in tandem to create an even more powerful warning system.

Deceptive Aura her aura is unusually bright and deceptive for a kindred, and as such, she registers as mortal on all attempts to read her aura. For better or worse.


Faction: Camarilla
The Banu Haqim, sometimes known (ignorantly or disparagingly) as Assamites, is one of the thirteen vampire clans of the World of Darkness.

Based in their hidden fortress Alamut in the Middle East, they are traditionally seen by Western Kindred as dangerous assassins and diablerists, but in truth, they are guardians, warriors, and scholars who seek to distance themselves from the Jihad. Throughout their history, they have remained a self-sufficient and independent clan, although they have recently joined the Camarilla.


Blood Addiction: Banu Haqim is drawn to feed on those deserving punishment. This is especially true for vampire Blood, the very essence of transgression. When one of the Judges tastes the Blood of another Cainite, they find it very hard to stop. Slaking at least one Hunger level with vampiric vitae provokes a Hunger Frenzy they most resist. If they fail they attempt to gorge themselves on vampire Blood, sometimes until they diablerie their Kindred victim. This presents many problems as the Banu Haqim integrates with the Camarilla, who tend to see the Amaranth as anathema.

Hatred: She has a passionate and unwavering hatred of Ravnos Antitribu. This hate burns bright and is total in its depth. This could be a hatred of a clan of kindred. she will go out of your way to harm or even kill Ravnos Antitribu, and gaining dower over the hated subject is the least you will accept.

Vengeful: You have a score to settle. Be it a grudge from your mortal days, or an enemy from tonight, you will have your revenge. You must go out of your way to seek this vengeance, and it should take precedence over just about everything else.

Physical Appearance

She is muscular in her 20s. She stands 5 foot 10 inches tall and weighs 110 pounds his eyes are a deep blue hear is dark brown with some highlights a beautiful woman. she wears the best suits and dresses money can buy. her shoes and excesses everything high-end with comfort in mind.

Personality and interests

Lia tries to fit each of her missions or jobs and encounters into the grand scheme of life. She is not a very exciting personality, being more thoughtful and reserved than a dynamic Motivator. Lia often adopts a “Let’s wait and see what happens “or “Maybe it was meant to be” attitude. She seldom initiates combat or aggression, but this doesn’t make her a pacifist; once she gets into combat, she can be as formidable an opponent as any operative, bodyguard, and assassin of her class.

In combat situations, the Lia will often hang back for a few seconds or so to gauge the situation and analyze things. In doing so, she may see something the other people have missed (more enemies creeping out of a secret panel, an exit tunnel that would allow them to escape, or the stealthy motions of an enemy assassin creeping around behind the group). But she won’t hesitate long, particularly when it could mean life or death to her friends. In situations, she tends to be very analytical, choosing his words carefully, thinking all the while.

Lia has joined Alexsander and want's to serve in the best way she can. Lia strives to be the best support to Alexsander. She tends to make sure that everything she does, she does for a reason; she has a lot to learn about the city they have moved to. she tends to go strong into all situations. If Lia is in disagreement with someone, she will let them know. The induction to Alexsander has had an awe-inspiring effect on her. Lia knows that she has a long road ahead of her.


Lia was born in Europe but moved to Israeli right after the Israelis independence in 1948 she was 20 then. shortly after moving there, she was Embraced and was part of the Assamites now called the Banu Haqim. Over the last 71 years, she has trained in her art of being an operative, bodyguard, and assassin. Moved to the states in the late '50s attended college got her Master's in Business Administration. But things did not go well with her in the last few years. She had failed in several missions for the Justicar office. They were about to decide what to do with her when Alexsander stepped in two years ago. He offered to take her. His elder was looking for a bodyguard for him. Now with this next assignment for the council, she could be of use. She agreed which was not hard, Die or take the job. They had their bodyguard with one stipulation if Alexander Williams dies she had better be dead first.

Favourite Sayings

Don't! You won't like the outcome.

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