Missing Children

The Prince, Alex, was sitting at his desk looking through the news articles that were placed for him to read through Lia. He was always interested in any will-call mysterious things. Like a rash of missing people, pets, or murders that might have a signature of Vampires or Werewolves. Looking for any signs of the supernatural.

So far after the kidnapping of Aurora things have quieted down some and things are resuming to normal. the usual Vampier was getting out of line or the Werewolf that got too close to the operations of the Prince.

Lia tagged some articles that made the Prince feel a bit uncomfortable about some children missing. It seemed random and spread out over the whole city and the surrounding area. The children were missing on different days and from school. But they have not been found weeks later.

He heard a knock at the door as Lia stepped in "Sir, I think you should get this call. It is Detective LT. Don Ericson, Sir" informed Lia. Alex looked at her with an inquisitive look. "Don Ericson?" asked Alex. with a slight smile. "Yes Sir, Are contact at the police chief's office, Primogen Giovanni, Ghouls on line 2," replied Lia.

Alex gave a nod and picked up the Phone. The Detective was transferred through. Alex could hear the traffic and other city noises in the background the sound of static as a breeze hit the mice of the phone. "This is Mr. Alexander Williams, how can I help you, Detective?" asked Alex.

There was a pause then a man's voice could be heard. The man was under some stress Alex could hear it. "Mr. Williams, This is Detective Don Ericson." There was another pause as he covered the phone with his hand and yelled out some orders.

"Sorry, Mr. Williams, In the past, your ah... office had helped in a case. I think I am going to need that help and it does have to do with the missing children. I can send Miss Lia Avraham the location. I need you to look at some stuff for me if you would, Mr. Williams." explained Detective Ericson.

"I see if it is that important I can spare some time. Send the information to Miss Lia Avraham. I will try to get there soon," replied Alex. The Detective had a happy tone in his voice as he said thank you, Mr. Williams." the Detective said.

They hung up their phones. Standing up Alex yelled for Lia who was by the door. She walked in "Done sir" she said looking at her iPad. Alex looked at her "I have not said what I need yet." said Alex arranging his desk. Lia smiled "Sir we are going out, Right?" asked Lia

Alex chuckled "I see everything arranged" asked Alex. "Yes sir, our car and one other will be with us," responded Lia Well let's get ready then.

-- At the crime scene near the old amusement park--

The two cars drove up to the crime scene area both black The police knew something was up to nice cars like thoughts that did not belong there.

Lia got out of the car and walked over to the Officers and talked to him. After a few minutes, Detective Ericson walked up and the police moved the barriers and let Mr Williams and the other car in telling them to park to one side.

Getting out of the car everyone was looking at Alex and Lia. At least all the men were looking at Lia with some lust in their eyes. As for the women, their eyes watched him as well. Alex walked with Detective Ericson to an old abandoned building. Alex was no fool. He is on the border with the Werewolves. He could smell them but see them.

Entering a room two bodies lay there a boy and a girl of middle school age they were white as ghosts. Their blood and been drained also a few markings on the wall Alex recognized a magic circle but nothing he had ever seen. Alex walked over to the body lifted the sheet and looked underneath. The boy did not die in a panic or his face was expressionless and his eyes closed. Alex knew normally if I vampier drained all the blood quickly most humans die with their eyes open because it is so quick and their faces showed they saw something horrifying.

Looking at the bodies it was not werewolves. Alex pulled out a ballpoint pin and moved or lifted some of their clothing with no bite marks from Vamiers they did have some runes engraved in their bodies but did not recognize them. but they were filled with silver which made no sense to Alex either.

This was not hidden so it was not a trap for werewolves or vampires. Alex had said nothing up to this point. He stood back up and looked at Detective Ericson. "Detective, this is some type of ritual magic. One I have never seen before with the cults," commented Alex then looked at Lia and shook his head no. "Where the ritual took place was not here. That I do know. I would start to check downtown first." Which was code for it was not them or any vampire attack. " Or countryside places" was code for the werewolves. "The swamp most likely," informed Alex talking to Detective Ericson.

The other police officers Just looked at Alex with some skepticism. Alex just gave a smile to them and started to walk out with Detective Ericson. When they reached Alex's car Detective Ericson turned to him. "Are you going to look into this further?" Detective Ericson asked sounding concerned.

Alex gave a smile. "Yes," Alex replied. "I will see what I can find out. it could take some time. I will let you know if I find anything Detective Ericson." said Alex As he got into his car the driver closed the door Alex's window rolled down. "Detective Ericson, remember I am a phone call away. "Yes, Mr. Williams." The detective's tone was respectful.

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