The Brujah and the Prince

JP with Quinn and Alex

(Takes place about two weeks after Aurora's rescue. The start of Carnivale season .)

Quinn knew it, she could feel it in every essence of her being, her sire, Cora, was up to something beyond trying to set up a fight against Quinn to turn the Brujah Sabbat.

For some reason, Cora wanted Quinn, out of the Brujah. Her sire knew very well that Quinn would never go Sabbat. She would rather face final death than deal with them, she despised the Sabbat with a hatred so intense that even the word made her internally reel.

Despite her nature, Quinn didn't want to fight Cora. Quinn was an excellent fighter but Cora was older and more powerful. There was perhaps one way to combat this, but Quinn wasn't sure how her clan would take it.

The leader of the Brujah, walked outside of her house to where the clan was fighting, carrying on, and drinking blood from some animals. "Everyone stop whatever your doing."

"Some of you have shown an interest in following Cora to the Sabbat. I do understand that. However..." Quinn made sure she had everyone's attention. "I will never follow you there. I will never stoop low enough to join the Sabbat."

"If there's another war we're on our own." One Brujah called out

A few others murmured about him being around. A few voices could be heard saying that was the way they liked it.

"I have a possible solution but I would prefer most of you are in agreement with it." Quinn went on to explain her idea.

Currently, the Brujah were an independent clan. Most Brujah clans had gone that way but there was no one saying they had to stay that way.

"Why should we do that?" One called out.
"Because it would make us different than the other. We can't be told what to do, right?" Quinn said.

"Right" most said in unison.

"We decided for herself about ourclan," Quinn called out.

"Right." Most repeated the response

This went on for several minutes until Quinn was certain she had the majority behind her idea. Those that weren't would probably leave, eventually, anyway.

Quinn called the Prince's office, and got a meeting for that evening. She got ready and headed out.

About an hour or so later, Quinn arrived at the office of one Mr. Williams. She sat in the waiting area hoping this would work.

As Quinn was waiting she was given any refreshments she wanted or requested Lia would walk in about every five minutes giving an update on the Prince's arrival.

She waited for about 15 min before Mr. Williams walked in. "Primogen. Miss. Abar, Sorry to keep you waiting there is a lot to catch up on with everything that happened recently," he said taking a seat across from her. "How can I help you today?" he asked in a polite and businesslike manner.

"Understandable," Quinn responded. "I was glad to hear that Aurora was rescued and us safe."

When offered Qunn took a seat. Why she was here? She really wasn't sure how the Prince would react to the request. "You know I have been having problems with my sire, Cora. She wants to fight me for control of the Brujah and have them join the Sabbat." Quinn then added. "I've come up with another option."

"Option?" Qunn is Primogen what path she walks is up to her. Brujah is an independent clan most of well all the time thought Mr. Williams. "We can't have them joining Sabbat. What do you want to do with Cora your Sire?" asked Mr. Williams very interested in what her answer would be.

"You do not want me to respond to what I want to be done with Cora, Mr. Williams." Put in a slow agonizing state of torpor, for centuries came to mind. "I am actually not here regarding what to do regarding my sire. She will hang herself eventually." Quinn explained. "I am here because my clan has expressed a desire to no longer be independent. We want to rejoin the Camarilla and can't do that without your approval."

Mr. Williams just stared at Quinn for a moment. "OK, how many?" he asked being kind of skeptical. He wondered what their motivation was for such a move. Mr. Williams was wondering how much trouble this was going to be.

"Well, I figure a few might go Sabbat, a few will go independent or to other places but the majority of the clan is in agreement. I'd say max 60. We lost a lot of Brujah during the war." Quinn explained. "Really, it's this or we'll lose a lot more to Cora. They want to know we have our backs covered. As it is right now, no matter what we do for the Camarilla we could be left as sitting ducks because we're not. I hope there isn't another war, but there always seems to be."

"I see" replied Mr. Williams. "I would like to go to them and see them. I do agree to take them...ah in? Is this a weight you can take on being responsible for them? Asked Mr. Williams with a hint of concern for Quinn in his voice.

"Yes, I can take on that responsibility." Quinn wouldn't say so but she was one the few that could keep the Brujah in line enough. "You are, of course, welcomed anytime to come see them. They are always at my house."

Mr. Williams smiled "I bet that makes for an interesting if, not fun time. How do you keep up with the repairs?" With his tone was not sure if he is joking or not. "was there any conditions they wanted?" asked Mr. Williams.

"Definitely both," Quinn responded, with a slight smile. "They know better than to fight in my house and I have plenty of land to keep them occupied." Despite Quinn’s size and the fact she was a more intelligent Brujah, one still had to be able to fight to be the leader of that clan. "Just to not stop the fighting at my house. It's their outlet. They aren't much for coming up with conditions. As long as the Brujah enterprises are left intact, I'm pretty sure they don't care much about the rest."
The Brujah enterprises Quinn ran, the blood trade was the main one but there were some land casinos on the Mississippi side.

"OK, Just understand that if I have to deal with any problems with them I am coming to deal with you first. I will take the gamble with them this will make us look really good or really bad if things do not go well. Do not disappoint me, Miss. Abar," said Mr. Williams.

"I would expect it," Quinn responded to The Prince's comment about coming for her first. "Thank you, Mr. Williams. I will go let my clan know."

"Miss. Abar, come by any time it is always a pleasure to see you," said Mr. Williams. He hoped he came across strong enough to make a point. But not so to make her feel like he did not trust her or her ideas. He stood to his feet with a smile. "until next time" he said holding out his hand for her to shake.

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