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Summary: Tough-as- nails, intelligent, plays by her own rules.

Primogen Quinn Abar

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Gender: Female

Age: 102, 28 at time of embrace

Group: Brujah


American. (Though she won't say more than that)


Languages: English, Spainsh
Business: She knows about running businesses both legal and illegal.
Intelligent: She more of an intelligent Brujah than one of the completely wild ones
Compassionate: She has the heart of the Brujah of old. The warrior poets did what they did because their hearts told them so.
Hand-to-hand combat: She has a street fighting style more than a particular discipline.
Firearms: She knows how to use a gun, tends to stick with smaller weapons though.
She owns a few on-land casinos but has other ventures that more underground.

Celerity: Grants vampires supernatural quickness and reflexes.
Dominate: Overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's decree.
Potence: Endows vampires with physical vigor and preternatural strength.
Presence: Supernatural allure and emotional manipulation which allows Kindred to attract, sway, and control crowds.


Nickname: The Learned Clan, Punks, Rabble, Zealots, Agitators
Note: Most of the clan left the Camarilla for the Anarch Movement after Hardestadt and Jan Pieterzoon were killed by Brujah rebels led by Theo Bell during the Conclave of Prague in 2012. (They are therefore not subject to the rules of the Camarilla.)
As a clan, the Brujah have next to no organization. Outside of the clan, the Brujah adore building structures, and then other Brujah adore tearing them down. Among modern Brujah, the primary structure is the division between the Iconoclast and Idealist factions of society.

The Iconoclasts are rebels and almost uniformly young Brujah. They fulfill the clan's stereotypical image as mad, bad, and dangerous to know.

In contrast to Iconoclasts, Idealists are the intellectuals and theorists of the clan. They are usually elders or ancillae, and the elders are Idealists simply because their habits have not changed since their Embrace.

The Brujah are infamous for ignoring the Tradition of progeny, and consequently, Embrace whomever they feel like whenever they feel like. Brujah are stereotypically the source for most Caitiff because they are presumed to neglect training their childer.


Violent Temper: Quick to anger and always passionate. This makes them quicker to frenzy than vampires from other clans.
Rebellion: the vampire takes a stand against whatever or whomever they see as the status quo in the situation, whether that is their leader, a viewpoint expressed by a potential vessel, or just the task they were supposed to do at the moment.
Flashbacks: She was taken by the Sabbatt and held for several days before they inexplicably let her go. She has flashbacks from that time.
Stubborn: She is extremely stubborn and it's hard to get her to change her mind.
Vengeful: She hates all Sabbat and wants revenge against what they did to her.

Physical Appearance

She stands about 5'5", with dark hair, dark eyes.

Personality and interests

Quinn is a tough-as-nails type. She protects herself but might have a bodyguard for appearances. She is also very intelligent. She isn't unfeeling by any means but she does like to get down to business when discussing business.

While the Brujah are no longer part of the Camarilla, she might be willing to work with the Prince if it benefits her clan to do so.

Anything related to the business she's interested in.
She has other interests in science and a passing interest in the arts (more as a spectator than ever actually doing it herself)

She has ghouls off and on


Quinn knows who her sire is but the two have a relationship that is practically non-existent, when it isn't just bad. They just grabbed her one night, as she was walking down the street, pulled her into a building and embraced her. They then pretty much said they were leaving. In the building, there were a few other Brujah who showed her a few things but much of her being a vampire she had to figure out on her own. While this would be odd in some clans; it's not that uncommon in the Brujah. She started to get a reputation as being intelligent and not just a wild one. So, a few Brujah taught her some more things. The Brujah have scattered but there is a decent number left in New Orleans.
They determined she should be Primogen (as much as Brujah have one).

As for her former mortal life: It wasn't hard to take her. She had been a street kid, turned street young adult. She was already tough and running around with the wrong people so no one missed her.

Favourite Sayings

"Hey, you two if your gonna fight at least leave me some blood."
"I told you I don't know."

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