Aurora has been Taken

Alex sitting at his desk when he felt the tension outside his office spike. He could feel Lia's Presence change and become stronger. Alex could hear her voice getting louder outside his office but could not make out what she was so mad about.

Alex stands up from his desk and starts to walk over to the door when he heard something hit a wall hard the wall shook. Alex burst threw the door. He saw one of the bodyguards sliding down the wall leaving a blood trail from the back of his head where it impacted the wall.

Lia's fangs were out as she hissed at two other bodyguards. Lia went to strike one of them. Alex shouted at Lia "Stop!" Hearing Alex and feeling Alex's over baring Presence. The Guards started to tremble with dread. Lia turned to face Alex. Lia stopped eminently what she was doing. She lowered her hand and gave a bow to Alex.

"What the hell is going on!" Alex asked loudly looking at everyone in the room. still, at a bow, Lia paused thinking about how to tell the Prince that Aurora was taken. "My Prince there has been an incident. It is my fault and respectability. Aurora has been taken. The bodyguards failed to recover her Sir," said Lia respectfully.

Lia expected to be thrown across the room but nothing came. Alex was in shock he just stood there saying nothing then anger started to build up in him one of the bodyguards pissed his pants. Alex seem to be just a blur as he moved and grabbed the bodyguard by his throat and smashed him into the wall. The bodyguard's head was crushed under the force. Blood started to run down the wall.

Alex turned to Lia. "who is responsible for taking Aurora?" Lia paused and closed her eyes waiting for the Prince to strike her. "We don't know. I just got the word, My Prince." Lia replied still at a slight bow. Alex let go of the guard. The guard just fell to the ground his head deformed and blood coming from his eyes and mouth.

"Alert everyone! and all are contacts I dint care how much money it cost to find her now! Get me a lead. Get my car ready and some muscle to go with me. I will turn this city upside down to find her. Do I make myself clear!" Alex said in a loud hiss.

Alex turned and walked back into his office to get ready to live and go looking for Aurora.

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