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Summary: Ruthless, Conning, Criminal

Primogen Mario Giovanni

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Gender: Male

Age: 180 years old Embraced at 31

Group: Giovanni




Languages: Italian and English
Leadership: He is the leader of the Giovanni's in the area. He still gives an air of always being able to take charge of a situation. Many times without saying much or anything.
Business sense: This is in the legal or illegal sense. He has a good idea of what will make money has no problems with taking part in either side of that.
Loyal Kin: Along with leadership, his childe tend to be very loyal to him.
Ruthless: He is ruthless not just with vampires who cross him but he leads most of his childe with more of a steel hand and sometimes an iron fist than a soft touch.
Judicial Ties: He has ties in the justice system. He knows lawyers, judges, and may even have ways to influence how juries are selected. Those known almost always carry some influence or another. You can also obtain search warrants with this merit.

As a member of Clan Hecata, Giovanni older than 100 years old get the following. (It starts at the first level and every 25 years they get a new power they get a new ability but these must be learned.)

A Cousin’s Ear: The Giovanni is entitled to ask direct questions of other Giovanni once per session, at the cost of having to answer a question in return. They are also entitled to a favor from mortal family members, however this must be used with caution and can only be used once every few months.
Faded Glamour: The Giovanni retains some cachet in the Hecata, despite the fact that it is not wholly their clan anymore.
Spectre Servant: The Giovanni has inherited a spectre servant, which acts as an ally.
Aspiring Anziani: The Giovanni proved to be a shrewd political operator during the Family Reunion, earning 5 dots of Status among the Hecata, and can get a private audience with the Capuchin every few stories.

Necromancy: (highly advanced) Necromancy: is a form of blood magic that deals exclusively with the world of the dead.
Potence: ( highly advanced)Grants Vampires supernatural strength.
Presence: (advanced) supernatural allure and emotional manipulation which allows Kindred to attract, sway, and control crowds.
Dominate: (highly advanced) overwhelms another person's mind with the vampire's will, forcing victims to think or act according to the vampire's decree


Nicknames: Giovanotti, Necromancers, Nigrimancers, the Young Ones, Necro-incestuous Mafioso, Romans

The Giovanni are the usurpers of clan Cappadocian and the youngest clan of Caine. Clan Giovanni is both a clan and a family. They Embrace exclusively within their family and are heavily focused on the goals of money and necromantic power.

In many ways, the Giovanni are a Ghoul Family with less visibly disgusting parts. This doesn't mean the Giovanni aren't as warped as the Bratovitch clan; the Giovanni are repulsive and degenerate in a more subtle manner. It is said that younger generations of the Giovanni were found to be very attractive. Some even say they put on the irresistible look of a succubi pre-change. Also, some are known to be shape-shifters.

The sadism and weirdness of Giovanni internal culture is enhanced by its incestuous nature. Giovanni can spend the majority of their lives interacting with nobody except other Giovanni, and the resulting insularity breeds additional problems. The Giovanni are, in particular, arrogant and prone to underestimating the world around them.

Like everything else in the family, the Embrace is a reward. Promotion for good service, and more than other clans, the Giovanni actively consider factors like generation in the Embrace. Being Embraced by a lower-generation clan member is considered a performance bonus.
While not uncommon, it is frowned upon to Embrace another of your own mortal family. This would encourage nepotism, and Giovanni much prefer to have the loyalty of their Neonates as divided as possible within the family.


The clan weakness of Giovanni dictates that when Giovanni bites a living being, they deal more damage than normal, making it difficult to keep people alive after feeding from them.

Anachronism: He refuses to keep up with the changing times. You like your way and will simply refuse to modernize or update anything. While he doesn't live excately as people did at the time of his embrace he is certainly slow to modernize things and it takes his childe to talk him into it which isn't always easy.
Compulsion: He is obsessed with making money by any means necessary.
Dark Fate: He is doomed to a dark fate. This may come as final death or eternal agony and is guaranteed to come to pass without fail. He has visions of the fate ahead of him that can cause discomfort or depression at times. He isn't sure exactly what this dark fate will be as the visions are hard to interpert.

Physical Appearance

Dark hair, dark eyes, stands about 5'8"

Personality and interests

Mario, while exceptionally good at making money, he is also set in his ways. It is hard for him to change with the times and he still only has a basic understanding of using a computer or technology but that's what his childe are for, right? He thinks nothing of taking out those who betray him. He has 3 ghouls currently that he sends out for various tasks or feeds off of.
His sire wasn't a kind sire and neither is Mario; he rules his childe with more of an iron fist or at least a metal glove. He is a little nicer than his own sire but that's relative. He actually is under the impression that if he is softer on them they won't survive being vampires for long so it's tough love, so to speak.
That is except for his favorite childe and he clearly has a favorite, Angelica. He treats her better than the rest. He also tends to take her to Primogen meetings and shows her more of the workings of his business, knowing that he will someday meet a Dark Fate he is training her to take over. He also expects more of her than the rest though and if she screws up she is well aware that there will be consequences to pay but he spends much time with her and values her opinion above his other childe.
His main interests are making money and the Necromancy. He is however careful to not step on the toes of those who are higher in the vampire order.


Mario was sired by Edoardo Giovanni. Edoardo was a cruel sire and who had little patience for the learning process of becoming a vampire. Edoardo went on to sire six more childe but they are all back in Italy. Edoardo himself has disappeared. There are rumors he was either killed or went into hiding just being tired of all of it.
Mario stayed in Italy for a while, then traveled throughout Europe, then to America, then back to Italy where he began to sire his childe. First was Nicholas, then came Angelica, then Giorgio, then and finally Guiseppe.
Nicholas was killed one day, there is some debate on what happened but most likely it was a slayer. The rest are in New Orleans with Mario.

Favourite Sayings

Posso prenderlo per te. (I can get that for you.)
Tieni la bocca chiusa, se sai cosa è bene per te. (You'll keep your mouth shut if you know what's good for you.)
Idiota. (You idiot)

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