Questioning Vinny

JP with LaserSexPanther, Jaxx, and Cindy

The destination of the group wasn't particularly hard to get to but took about 15 minutes to get there.

Leon led the group to a lot behind a house. Mario was waiting for them at the backdoor.

"Come in," The Giovanni Primogen invited them all into his home. "Bring him this way."

Vinny was escorted by Eddie and Quinn. In front of them was Leon behind were the rest of the Brujah and Gangrel.

Mario led the group to what seemed like an underground area, but this area of New Orleans was below sea level so it wasn't underground but instead had been built first and the rest of the house built on top of it.

A set of French doors, second door of the right, were opened to reveal a large room.

The room consisted of a variety of seats , tables, racks all designed to secure people or more likely vampires to.

There were a large amount of devices hanging from the walls clearly meant for punishments of a more serious nature.

"Put him in that chair," pointed out a black leather chair with straps attached to it."And strap him in."

The straps were reinforced to the point that even most vampires couldn't break them. Upon closer inspection, it was easy to tell the chair was bolted to the floor.

Vinny was bound into the chair, he was currently still gagged.

Mario walked closer to him and grinned, "I've not gotten to use dominate on someone in awhile. This should be fun."

The Giovanni removed La Sombra's gag. Looking directly at him for a moment. "So, you've been making others drink the wrong kind of blood? Have you?"

Mario wasn't going full force with Dominate, yet. He was testing Vinny's Willpower.

Eddie and the other Gangrel quietly watched Mario and Vinny testing their wills. Then Eddie made a gesture to Quinn that they might need blood soon since they used a bit of it in Gangrel mode.

As Vinny felt Mario's will push against his, Vinny's eyes widened in a manner as unhinged as his smile. "You're right, one thing." Vinny said "It will be fun." and he began to push back.

Mario knew La Sombras had a lot of willpower and Vinny's response didn't surprise him.

"Well, it looks like I'm going to have to turn it up," Mario kicked up his Dominate to a medium -high level. Still, not as strong as he could but considerably stronger than the first time.

"Let's try this again. Have you been making any other vampires drink the wrong kind of blood?"

Vinny dug his nails onto the chair. "Fuck you." he groaned feeling his pushing back doing less and less.

Mario looked over to Quinn, "You have more blood, correct."

"Plenty," Quinn responded.

"Good." Mario figured it might take two or three passes at full to get Vinny to crack.

The Giovanni put his Dominate on full and asked again, 'Have you been making any other vampires drink the wrong kind of blood?"

Vinny felt Mario crashing against his will, it felt like the twelfth round. Vinny strained against the chair pulling up, it creaked but gave no signs of breaking anytime soon. "You're wasting your time you inbreed fuck." Vinny said trying to wretch himself free.

The response Vinny gave, didn't faze Mario. "Guess I'll have to go again."

Once again on full Dominate, "Have you been making any other vampires drink the wrong kind of blood."

"I've nothing to say to you. I've do...done nothing wrong." Vinny thrashed, "I can do what I want with what belongs to me." he gritted his teeth again, and his head slumped when Mario backed off. "F...fha...fuck you." he said not lifting his head.

"And what belongs to you?" Mario asked using dominate again. "What do you do to them?"

"Whatever I want." he responded.

"Like drink pigs blood when they can't?" Mario asked.

"So, you admit it?" Mario went full on again. "Just say it. We already know make certain vampires drink blood they can't. So, just admit it."

"It's going to take a lot more than that." Vinny struggled against his bindings. Clearly this was takings it's toll no matter how tough he was acting.

Mario was expecting it to be two or three rounds on full to break Vinny but they were past that had he hadn't completely broken, yet. The Giovanni had to give the La Sombra credit but it was also annoying.

Mario turned to Quinn, "Blood."

Quinn handed him bag filled with the crimson liquid. Mario drank it in front of Vinny.

"Ok, let's try this again. Admit what you do to the vampires you think you own with the blood." Mario went full force again.

Vinny pulled again against the straps, and gritted his teeth. Now drawling his own blood. It dripped from his gums and at his bound wrists. "Fuck..." he struggled more, like a trapped animal. "FUCK! I'll talk...I'll talk just stop..." he groaned defeated.

Mario backed off to about half of the Dominate power from what he had been doing.

"Then talk," The Giovanni said

"Vampire...not vampires." Vinny corrected him.

"I never do things they don't bring on themselves." he added.

Vinny looked at Mario, "Do you understand? Punishment for doing wrong. Something you clearly know."

"Clearly, I do. But I don't punish in anyway that goes against the rules of the Camarilla." Mario responded. "You have to know you broke the rules."

"Choosing not to eat something and not being able to are not the same things." Vinny replied. "Vegans don't eat meat, not because they can't but they choose not to."

"If a vampire can't drink the blood, for any reason, you can't force them to. I have a difficult time believing you didn't know that. Besides, are you sure it was a preference? 100 percent sure?" Mario didn't believe Vinny couldn't have know that.

"I know my whore." he added. "Blood is blood. You do good, you a get treats, you fuck up... we'll I've learn psychological toucher works far better then physical."

"It's still against the rules." Mario said. "We don't make the rules."

The Giovanni turned to Leon. "Did you get that?"

Leon held up his phone, "Every word."

Mario then turned back to Vinny, "You might need to come up with other punishments." Grinning, "Don't go anywhere."

Leon, called over Eddie, Quinn and Mario. Then said, "We'll have to keep him here. I need to talk with the Prince to find out what to do with him. Let me get in touch with Ms. Avaraham and find out if we can get a hold of Mr. Williams tonight."

With that Leon left to make his call.

Vinny smiled "I wasn't finished."

"That's alright," Mario said, 'We're still recording. Please, continue."

Vinny let out a chucked. "I never gave that bitch pig blood." he chuckled again. "Stupid gullible thing will believe anything you tell them."

Vinny managed to hold up his pointer finger. "Never a single drop of pig crossed those lips. He loves the stupid thing so much I knew it'd fuck with their head to think I would give them pig blood if they fucked up or didn't listen to me."

"Can you prove that?" Mario asked.

"I can." Vinny said, "I have blood in my club. Same as I give all my 'girls' and some in my limo. I can call my boys to tell them to get it to you." he said in a petulant tone.

"Well, that might help you, with the Prince, somewhat. It's still not allowed." Mario said.

Quinn pulled out her phone and texted Leon the new information.

Vinny looked up at Mario and Quinn. "If you're going to bust my place up again. At least don't hurt the 'girls' if they guys in black t-shirts get in the way do what ever."

Quinn turned to Eddie, who nodded. "We'll remember that."

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