A new moment

Aurorua had been pacing for an hour or so since she got back from shopping. She needs some time to skate. So she went looking for James Jackson. "Excuse me Mr. Jackson could you tell me how to get to the ice skating rink from here," she asked. She had her figure skate's in her hands and was dressed in sweatpants and a t-shirt perfect for skating.

James a large man looked down at Aurorua "Ma'am, am I to understand you want to go ice skating alone?"

" Umm...is that a problem" She asked confused.

"Don't know, you should not be out without protection ma'am." James replied.

" Why not the ice rink is not that far from here is it. I don't want to be a problem for anyone but I need to get out on the ice" She said.

James smiled "I think 20 minutes ma'am. You can go meet me in the car. I really can't stop you. I will go with you. I will meet you there.

" Why would you want to stop me," She asked?

Your position ma'am. You are with the prince ma'am and you are, well, Vampier and I am but a servant.

" Oh, right I'm sorry this is all a bit confusing. Well if you must come with me then will you drive to the ice rink please " She said.

"Ma'am, I will be delighted to escort you. I will see you in the car" said James.

"Thank you," She said sweetly then headed off for the car to wait for James.

The car was in the underground garage. It was unlocked for her as other employees were doing things in the area. It was not long after James walked up to the car and opened the door and stepped back. Mr. Williams was standing there not looking like he was happy.

" Is there a problem? " Aurora asked totally clueless.

Looking with a stern look Mr. Williams kneels now to be at eye level. "I don't want you to feel like a child or like you are in prison Aurorua. But I must insist that you let me or Lia know where you are going. Mr. Williams said sternly his Presence made her feel almost frightened and the weight of his gaze made it hard to move. James took a few more steps back. he was affected by Mr. Williams. This effect faded after a moment. Mr. William's tone changed to a lighter one and he relaxed. "I need to know when you will be back all of this is still new to you. So many things could go wrong and end in your death. That would sadden me if you were to get hurt or die." said Mr. Williams.

Mr. Williams thought for a moment. "You can go there shortly I must make some arrangements first. would you mind if I or Lia went with you?" Mr. Williams asked.

Aurora stared back at him frustration clear on her face. " I did not wish to bother either of you your both busy and I am practically climbing the walls, Alexander." She said. She reached out as if to touch the side of his face but stopped short. " I gave up everything for you. If you think I'm fine I'm not. I need something to do I can't just act the part of a pretty princess all the time." She said.

" I would prefer your company if it's even possible." She said calmly after a few moments.

The prince was silent and just looked at Aurora. "I understand more than you know." Mr. Williams replied. Mr. Williams looked around looking at the people around him. " There are protocols that must be followed for your safety. I would be delighted to go watch you skate. and I made some time just in case. Yes, we can go.

James looked at the prince "Mr. Williams, it has been cleared." He informed Mr. Williams. looking back over to Aurora. "well if you move over maybe we can leave together?" said Williams.

" What protocols, again who would possibly want to attack me and how would they even know I I have anything to do with you" she added.

Aurora smiled she moved over to a seat as he had asked. " You should learn to skate. Maby just the basics of how not to fall on your face. The pretty jumps and things I do are hard and take a lot of time to learn. " She said

Mr. Williams thought about her question. "Because you are with me it puts you in danger in many ways. For one ransom. People or groups out there would kidnap you just to get to me. that goes for humans and Vampires alike and I can't forget Werewolfs. Yes, all of that is out there. untell you get a grasp on your new abilities you are vulnerable." Alex paused hoping she would get what was going on now. "Aurora, I don't want anything to happen to you. but I will try not to make you feel trapped either." Alex said as the car started to move.

" I know you don't I'm just it's hard," she said reaching out and putting a hand on his forearm. She took a deep breath. "I'm not used to all this security and rules. Then there's the end of my career that's driving me insane. I wanted to be the best and I still do" She said.

Alex looked at her amazed. "And that's why I like you so much. I know you will be the best because you want it," Alex replied. placing his hand on Aurora's and gently patting it a few times. "My own story was not that easy either. I was hidden for about a year and there was a world war going on." Alex said trying to comfort Aurora some.

" thank you, it sure as hell does not seem that way now," she said quietly. That was until her mind froze she forgot he was actually much older than she was.

" A world war how old are you," she asked genuinely surprised.

Alex looked at Aurora "not a day over thirty" he replied with some sarcasm. "I was embraced 1940's. You have to come to an understanding you will not age anymore your hair will not grow what you look like now is the same way you will be in a thousand years minutes after the change in fashion." He joked at the end.

" what we don't age," She asked. Her eyes went wide. " that explains so much" she giggled.

Alex just realized how long ago that was and the place he is at now and gave a smile when Aurora giggled. "So in a way, I have given you the ability to learn and perfect your ice skating for centuries. Maybe that will help you feel better about the change in your life. It did help me get through some tuff times." replied Alex.

She giggled again. " I'm sorry I never even thought about it that way. Why did you choose me in the first place? With miss Lia, I don't see how you could possibly need any skills I have" She asked.

Alex was unsure how to answer that. He was not sure why totally. Alex had a lot of ideas but no honest answer. "No one knows how an uncut diamond will turn out until they cut the diamond. I see you as a diamond in the ruff. We have yet to see how you will look in the end.

" Where was this you this morning when I needed it" She still smiling. She leaned against him closing her eyes and relaxing for a moment.

Alex was happy that Aurora seem to be adjusting to her new life and to Alex. He needed to give her a gift something Aurora could work with. " I don't always have the time to spend with you I would like," answered Alex talking softly to Aurora.

" That's not what meant you were so cold and distant this morning." She said gently.

" I did not attend to be that way to you. I must have had a lot on my mind. If you see that you can remind me that I am being cold. Sometimes being a Vampier for a long time can be a side effect," commanded Alex.

she smiles "I will try to remind you next time. Alex, is there anything between you and Lia?" She said

Alex paused thinking "now, no, there was a time we are still close friends all I can say is Lia's life depends on me. It was my Sire that assigned her to me. To give her a chance and not kill her. That is all I can say on the matter. Sometimes you will see politics can be complicated in the world of vampires." answered Alex.

" it already seems complicated from what lily explained. I'm not sure if Lia told you we meet her today" she said. relaxing much more and closing her eyes. be for moving to look at Alex. " Ummm.... I almost forgot at some point I need to get the blades on my skates sharpened they can be a real pain if I let them get too worn down" She said.

"Her?" he asked. "Ms. Foster, she is not my Sire," Alex said with a laugh. " If you ever meet mine it will be a great honor trust me. Ms. Foster has a lower position than me. That does not mean she is weaker. I am the CEO of the Vampires of this city you could say." said Alex.

Aurora burst into a fit of giggles. it was a sweet high pitched noise. " I should have been more clear I did not mean she was you Sire I was talking about vampire's politics sound complicated form the little she explained to me. Apparently, because I'm uhhh.... your my Sire I should be treated with more respect then other new vampires would be but I'm the lowest ranking in the city, which does not really bother me, Why were you embraced" She asked after a moment.

Alex was quiet for a long moment choosing his words carefully. " My Sire Marie Antoinette was part of the French underground in World War II. I was a Captian in the US forces in the 1st Special Service Force. I met her there was a romance. We were working to free France. I was badly injured. To save my life she embraced me. that was 100 years ago." said Alex still in thought.

Aurora stared at Alex. She tilted her head to the side. her mind working to recall history lessons about the war. "You really that old, I Ummm how do " She stumbled over her words as her mind raced to process what she had been told. " I-I must seam like a child to you." She scooted away from him towards the door feeling self conches suddenly. " the week we spent time together after the show. Was it just because you were curious or something, I-I don't understand" she muttered quietly. the look on her face made it clear she was completely lost and confused. This was not a feeling she was use to ether and it showed. this led to her turning her face away from him in a sad attempt to hide it, she was so embarrassed by her total loss of control.

Alex gave a warm smile. "It is a lot to take in. No Aurora, I do not think of you as a child. You are more than that. You are a talented beautiful young woman. I don't embrace children and have a rule against embracing or feeding on children. You might be the newest Vampier but, not the youngest I have seen or known." Alex said trying to relax Aurora.

She finally looked up at him. " I'm sorry that freak out was a little uncalled for," She said quietly. She curled up against him again. " Alex, what vampire abilities do you have, " She asked.

Alex placed his arm around her to comfort Aurora. "I do have one that is Uneek and rare. I look more human than other vampires, enabling me to fit in the human world much more easily. My skin is pink, I never really stopped breathing even though I don’t need to, and even sneezing comes naturally. I can make my heartbeat as long as He has at least some Blood in me." Alex paused looking around he knew they were getting close. "You will develop your own abilities," said Alex

"Oh that's cool and explains a lot," she said with a smile. She looked up at him." You ready to go ice skating" she asked.

The car pulled up to the door James got out and looked around then opened the door. the Prince stepped out and paused as well looking then put his hand out for Aurora to help her out of the car. As she got out Alex turned to her. "You will feel the presence of others here. Don't worry they are with me or us. As your abilities grow you will sense more of the things around you." Alex said leading her into the ice skating rink.

She took Alex's hand and got out of the car. She looked at him confused. " I can what?" She said as she got out of the car. There was surprise and confusion at first. Then she picked it up. " I -I can what is wow!" She said amazed. As she allowed him into the rink. Alex might pick up her excitement. She loved the ice and could not eager to get some good practice time in.

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