The Vampire Way

JP with Redsword, Lily, and Cindy.

Leon had gone back inside, of Mario's house, to let them know he was going to speak with the Prince.

When Lia had given Leon the address of where to meet the Prince, the Nosfartu knew it was an ice skating rink because Leon knew New Orleans better than the back of his hand.

He didn't think too much on why Alex was there as there were more pressing issues at hand.

Mario said he'd make sure Vinny was secured and with that Leon left their captive in the capable hands of the others.

It didn't take particularly long to get to the rink. It was perhaps one of the few public buildings, in the area, that Leon had only been in once. He just was spending time on other things.

Once he parked the car, he grabbed the folder that sat in the front seat with him. He already missed Colette and it felt strange doing this kind of thing without her.

Leon knew there were others around. Guards, most likely, probably a few workers. He spotted Lia at the front door.

"Bonjour, Ms. Avaraham." Leon greeted the woman.

Lia smiled, "Bonjour heureux de vous voir Mr LaPoint" Lia said in replied in French. "Mr. Williams is expecting you," Lia said, motioning him to come in.

Leon smiled back at Lia and went inside the building. When he went into the main area, he noticed the Prince but more to his surprise he also noticed a young woman.

Leon took a moment in an attempt to size up the situation. She was a vampire, or that was his easy assumption. Leon didn't know who she was. Best guess, new? Or new to here? Well, this was curious.

James turned and looked at Leon. James gave a nod of acknowledgment. "Mr. LaPoint, welcome," said James with a respectful tone. as Leon walk up Jame gave his customary look over to make sure he was not there to hurt the prince.

Mr. Williams did not even look back. he raised his hand up and motioned with it for Leon to come over. When Mr. LaPoint got to him Mr. Williams motioned for Leon to sit next to him. "Mr. LaPoint, good to see you again," said Mr. Williams. The Prince's presence was hard to ignore.

This could be a side effect of his leadership abilities or overall ability, it was hard to hide. A young Vamper could be pushed to their knees with little effort. Mr. Williams did not even take his eyes off the skater. "What can I do for you, Mr. LaPoint? Lia said it was important?" asked Mr. Williams.

Leon certainly noticed the Prince's presence. After 200 years though it's something the Nosferatu was more used to than perhaps a younger vampire.

Leon went towards Mr. Williams and said.

"Yes, there is a problem with a La Sombra, named Vinny, in the area. He's been playing with the mind of a Toreador, named Angel is. Telling the Toreador the blood he was forcing him to drink was pig blood. Angel has a soft spot for pigs. Vinny claims that Angel can drink pig blood but chooses not too and he was just messing with his mind. Telling Angel it was pig's blood when it wasn't. Vinny says he can prove it's not pig's blood."

Leon then continued, "Vinny is the only La Sombra in the area. So, no Primogen."

That last part was to explain why Leon was bothering the Prince with this. No Primogen meant what happened next to Vinny was up to Mr. Williams.

"We have Vinny, at the Giovanni's house. Mario got a confession by using Dominate."

"So this Vinny is part of the Sabbat or Camarilla? What's your recommendations," asked Mr. Williams. The Prince knew the answers he was checking the competence of Mr. LaPoint. Mr. Williams has full trust in the Primogens under him.

"He's Camarilla." Leon let that information enter the Prince's mind.

Leon thought for a moment, "My recommendation would be to have Adele decide on the punishment as Angel is one of hers."

The Prince smiles. "Yes, that's the correct," answer Mr. LaPoint. "I will keep my promise to let the Primogen's do their job and try not to interfere unless I need to." says The Prince.

Aurora goes to jump into the air while facing forward and does a triple axel three and a half turns in the air she lands beautifully. "I know you are wondering who she is? Aurora Korray is a figure skater I met some time ago. I embraced her recently. Ms. Korray is a very young vampire." said The Prince.

Leon nodded, "I'll contact Adele."

Leon watched the figure skater and upon hearing what Mr. Williams said, watched her for another moment. "Ah, if she needs anything let me know. I would offer to have Colette show her around but, I'm afraid, my Childe is currently out of town."

Coming from not just a Nosfartu but, from Leon, that could be taken as sincere. The Nosfaratu were known for helping others and Leon and Colette were especially known for being that way.

Alex claps some then stands after Ms. Korry does some other maneuvers. "I don't want to keep you from your duties but if you would like to meet her this is a good chance. I would like to introduce you to Ms. Korray," says Mr. Williams.

"Yes, I can certainly take the time to meet her." Leon responded

Mr. Williams and Leon walk to the ground level and to a gate that leads out onto the Ice. "Aurora! Come meet someone important ." Mr. Williams yells across the ice.

Aurora almost did not hear him as she launched from the ice into a Quad Axel. She landed easily on a signal leg. Before she skated up to meet them she turned sharp to the left, sprayng ice in their direction. " Oh I'm sorry I should have used my toe pick to stop. I did not get ice on either of you,did I?" She said, but the joy in her face was clear. Ice skating was not just a career she loved the ice, and self exasperations. It was what made her performances so magnetic, and she did not even need Vampier powers to do it.

She blinked her hand going to her chest as she realized her heart was not beating at all. "Alex my heart its not..." She muttered in panicked confusion. Then shook her head, drooping the thought her mind was going too fast and in too many directions. " Hi, I'm Aurora," she said.

Alex remembered the first time he realized his heart was not beating. "Aurora, do not worry it is common with Vampires." This is Primogen Leon LaPoint. he is the leader of the Nosferatu clan here in this city. A very competent man." said Mr. Williams.

"Bonjour, Mademoiselle Korray." Leon pleasantly said. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

He paused for a moment, "Just so you know you do get used to all of this, it just takes time."

"Hi, it's nice to meet you. you are welcome to call me Aurora," She said with a sweet smile. She reached for the rubber guards to put on her skates to protect the blades before stepping off the ice. "Thank you, I hope I get used to it soon," she said with a smile.

"Aurora, I used his title in our society so you get used to hearing them. Know that he is almost directly under me in ranking. I wish you would not be so informal with people you don't know, but you can address him as Mr. LaPoint," said Mr. Williams to Aurora.

Aurora blinked confused, "Did I say something wrong." She was genuinely lost. She had never had to be formal in her life. She genuinely did not understand.

Leon addressed Aurora, "My progeny had the same issue, when she was turned. It's best to refer to everyone as Mr or Ms and their last name or their rank when among only vampires. Some Primogens can get rather offended by not using their proper terms."

Leon wasn't upset at all by the fact she had been so informal. He just knew other Primogens might not be so easy going about it.

"Progeny?" She said confused. It took her a moment to wrap her head around the information then she cought it. her eyes going wide. "I'm so sorry Mr. Leon, my brain in in two places, I love skating and it can take some time for me to fully come out of that head space. I'm so use to being surrounded by other skaters. I have no clue how much sense that makes. I am a little surprised no one else is on the ice. What? Did you say only vampires, there's only vampires here," She said, as she looked out across the ice.

"My progeny is the one I turned into a vampire. Otherwise known as a childe. Your the progeny of Mr. Williams. My progeny is Colette." Leon looked around for a moment, "There were a few human workers outside. But yes, in here there are only vampires. What I meant though was if you're in a setting where you are certain there are no humans and you know rank, it's best to use the rank."

" Oh, I see thank you. Where is Colette? I would love to meet her," Aurora asked. She looked around wondering who all was there. Suddenly remembered she was still standing on her skates. "Why don't we all find somewhere to sit and talk? I would prefer not to stand balancing on a blades edge the entire conversation." She suggested, wondering of she had spoken correctly she was addressing both men after all.

"Currently, Colette's in Seattle. When she returns I'll be certain to introduce you." Leon smiled. "Yes, let's sit."

"Excuse me a moment." Leon pulled out a phone and texted something. Then focused back on Aurora.

Leon had texted Quinn to let her know they were done for the night so she could tell the others. Let Vinny sweat a bit. He would contact Adele but not at the moment. Mario had already said he could secure Vinny in the room.

"So, feel free to ask whatever you like. I'll answer what I can," Leon said.

" Like Washington state? I hope she is having fun there's some really beautiful forest out there. Though the Tacoma narrows bridge is a nightmare to drive after dark." She said. A distant look on her face as she remembered a few weeks in that area maby a year or two ago.

" Thank you," She said. Find a seat on one of the benches. She loosened the laces on her skates and rolled her ankles stretching out the tendons and muscles in her feet and ankles.

"Can you tell me about your clan," She asked, without much thought. She was genuinely interested.

Leon nodded to her comment about Washington state. "She's visiting with some mutual friends."

"We run the information networks, in most places, including here. We tend to do humanitarian work." That wasn't brag it was just that she asked.

"We are known for being able to disappear or change our appearance at will. It's part of our clans abilities."

He was wondering if Aurora was ready to be told about the Nosfaratu's true form.

" Visiting friends is always fun. But that's like a five-hour flight. How does one travel long distances like that with out getting burnt by the sun," She asked. That question was quickly dried at the mention of shape shifting abilitys. "Change appearance? How that's so cool." She said excitedly.

"Traveling at night, helps." Leon did respond to her. It was really a few hours by plane.

The topic switched to shape shifting and Leon explained, "It's an ability called Obfuscate. It takes practice to get to the point where changing to look like someone else is possible. It's an illusion more than actually changing form. For some, it's an added for convenience for the Nosfartu it's probably our most important ability."

" I'm guessing it helps you get in and collect information," she said. She looked around scanning the area. It was a force of habitat despite knowing she was safe.

"Yes," Leon noticed her looking. He was also scanning the area it was just not noticable. "But there is more to than that. Nosfartu are one of the only clans that change after they are embraced. We take about a month to completely turn. We tend to turn people who are some how scarred and in the change we become disfigured. What I look like to you is an illusion. I have a true form that's disfigured. Not every Nosfartu has the ability to change their appearance. Most of them live outside of where humans can see them but if you ever see one, it's best to be prepared by what they might look like."

It was a difficult thing to explain to someone who had never seen it.

She remembered her transformation. It had only taken a short amount of time. She only had vague memorys. " I think my transformation was only a day or so. Even then I only remember bits of it. I can't imagine it taking a month. You guys are amazing for being able to handle that. I would have broken for sure." She said. She was a little confused by the disfigured part. "Everyone has their scares. What makes it so bad that some of your clan hide away from society," She asked.

"Just so you know vampires don't scar, anything like that instantly heals." Leon went back to the subject. "It's not just scars. It's more severe than that. Most that can't change choose to not take the risk of being revealed in public. If they can't change though it's normally because they are either new and just haven't learned to or don't want to, they prefer that kind of life. Because we tend to have those that were considered outcasts by society some don't want to be a part of it."

Mr. Williams just sat and listened to them talk. He realized he was not alone in teaching Aurora. Alex was thinking maybe He could leave her with a different Primogen for a day so Aurora could see firsthand the new community she was a part of. The information Leon was giving was good Alex just hope she would remember it as she grew.

"Aurora sometime in the future, maybe if you ask nicely you could spend a day with Mr. LaPoint he could show you more about his clan. with his permission of course," suggested Mr. Williams. "Mr. LaPoint, do you think I need to talk to Vincent Ferrari or you can just tell him, strike one? At three strikes He will talk to me in person and that won't end well for him," said Mr. Williams. "You can put that out with the others people get three strikes, well per say then I will deal with them personly. I expect a full report from you later on this matter with Vincent Ferrari," Informed Mr. Williams.

"I would certainly be willing to show her more about my clan. We can set that up." As for Vincent. "I have a feeling Adele will get the point across. I will definitely pass on about the three strikes though."

"I think I will have Lia send something out. but sometimes things are more effective when people hear it from their peers," Mr. Williams said.

Aurora had been listening the entire time and nodded her agreement to spending time with and learning more about Leon's clan. However, looks genuinely confused. When the topic changes. Who got into trouble and for what? "Umm what are we talking about?" She asked.

Leon heard the question and turned to Aurora. "There are certain rules, laws really, which everyone who is part of our sect, The Camarilla, must abide by. There is someone who broke one of those. So, Mr. Williams is deciding what to do about that and a few other things regarding the rules."

It was too much to really get into more of an explanation, Leon was certain that Aurora would be properly educated in all of that, in the near future.

" Oh that makes so much more sense now thank you me. LaPoint" she looked at Alex.

"Mr. Williams If I'm distracting you I can go back to skating," She offered trying to be of some help.

Leon stopped Aurora by putting his hand up. "No need, I have to get going anyway."

He addressed, the Prince first, "I'll get you the report as soon as I can."

Then to Aurora, "It was a pleasure to meet you."

Leon stood up and with a polite nod,

"Mr. Williams. Ms. Korray." With that he exited, so subtly, that he was gone before anyone even realized it.

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