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The Vampire Way

May 14, 2022, 10:46am by Cindy

JP with Redsword, Lily, and Cindy. Leon had gone back inside, of Mario's house, to let them know he was going to speak with the Prince. When Lia had given Leon the address of where t ...

A new moment

May 12, 2022, 7:35pm by red_sword7

Aurorua had been pacing for an hour or so since she got back from shopping. She needs some time to skate. So she went looking for James Jackson. "Excuse me Mr. Jackson could you tell me how ...

Questioning Vinny

May 12, 2022, 3:50am by Cindy

JP with LaserSexPanther, Jaxx, and Cindy The destination of the group wasn't particularly hard to get to but took about 15 minutes to get there. Leon led the group to a lot behind a ...

Fights and Flights

May 6, 2022, 10:51am by Cindy

JP with LaserSexPanther and Cindy The sliminess seemed to ooze off of Vinny as he spoke. It was very noticeable to Leon and frankly he was a little surprised the La Sombra had managed t ...

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