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Wannabe Heroes

Imagine living in a world where super heroes protected the cities from criminals on a regular basis. Then the criminals decided to declare war on the supers and the poor city people were caught in the crossfire. Sadly the villains won but at a cost. Only a few heroes survived and they were either ... More...

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Created : May 2, 2020

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Camelot Fading

The year is 510 AD. Britannia is beset by invaders from all parts. The Romans are long gone, but a glimmer of hope exists. Camelot, founded by King Arthur, stands fast. The Knights of the Round Table under him do battle against the Saxons, Angles, Jutes, Picts and Celts. However, Camelot cannot hold ... More...

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Created : Feb 8, 2021

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The Seven Star Sultans

714 years ago, the six Star Sultans decided that they were done warring. The civil wars of Humanity had risen to such a point as to mirror the wars of the Ancients - the cyclopean race of mechanical aberrations whose corpses dot countless worlds. In an uncharacteristic turn, these six men called a t ... More...

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Created : Sep 19, 2020

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