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Village of Warfall

Everyone has a story, a tale, and a past. In Warfall, everyone knews everyone, and nearly everything about them. But when the war came, the people were changed, hardship caused distance, instead of union. Five years later, the war had concluded, and now is the time for new bonds, and for the people ... More...

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Created : Mar 14, 2019

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It is 11th century Scandinavia and the coastal regions of england. War between the northmen and the christan englishmen is ripe in these lands. This is where our story begins, with the men and women who live here in these lands and this time. (this game is VERY loosely based on the TV s ... More...

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Created : Jun 16, 2019

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The Mafia and The Cops

It's New York the 1970's the Mafia Family's are huge and well the cops are on their tell trying to stop them. You my friend are just starting out. The Mafia wants to run the town and think you would be a great asset hell maybe you could even rise to be the Underboss or even the Boss. The Cops know j ... More...

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Created : May 24, 2019

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Building Blocks: The World-Building Platform

In a world, where people make worlds, one man from the aforementioned world makes a world, where people with worlds can share their worlds to the world. Writing Bug presents to you, Building Blocks: The World-Building Platform. Welcome to Building Blocks, the platform where worlds are shared ... More...

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Created : Dec 25, 2018

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Black Sparrows ; [Cal x Belle]

Queen Belle Perrier of Alsace, France is whisked away from the safety of her kingdom by the treacherous pirate Calico Sparrow-- the firstborn son of the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow and his love, Angelica Masters-- when their two very different worlds collide in an adventure full of magic, love, lu ... More...

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This is a Special Communication Board for players who are in games owned by Moon-Eye. Heroes under the Moon, Please gather around the Safe Campfire. It's time we talked, over Hot Cocoa and Marshmallows. ...N-no, th-they're not green. ~~Moon-Eye ... More...

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Created : Aug 8, 2018

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To Sow a Thousand Pears

Campaign This is a historical campaign set in 215 AD, just after famous warlord Liu Bei took control of the Yi Proince in the southwest China. Liu Bei, known as the people's champion, a wise and benevolent ruler, is expanding south, gaining territories and resources to fuel his war against the tr ... More...

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Created : Jun 1, 2019