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Three Gladiators logo

Three Gladiators

Far away from the known world lies a world with three mighty kingdoms. Every kingdom has it own heroes. But three heroes are more important than the other warriors of the king. They rule their own kingdom within their own arena. Tim of Brigistopolis, gladiator of Sharizie-Caletanie Fire ... More...

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Created : Mar 14, 2020

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The Weird, Wild West logo

The Weird, Wild West

The American West was a wild time, but in our tale it's weird as well! A posse on the plains might be tracking a werewolf just as much as they would be some desperado. The marvels of the new age aren't just trains, but air carriages and velocipedes. There's rumors that the fastest gunslingers hav ... More...

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Created : Feb 28, 2020

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Journey to the Holy Land logo

Journey to the Holy Land

Paris, 1175. The order of the Knight Templars is preparing for a new battle in the Holy Land. In the Tour du Temple in Paris, the Knights prepare themselves for a long journey to Akko. During their journey they will face different challenges before arriving in the Holy Land to fight against the Sara ... More...

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Created : Mar 10, 2020

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Bolivar Crabbe : The Carstairs Files logo

Bolivar Crabbe : The Carstairs Files

Espionage adventures of Bolivar Crabbe, detective from the 22nd century, investigates the disappearance of Clifton Carstairs, all the while avoiding the machinations of Edrath Bode. ... More...

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Created : Mar 10, 2020

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Voyage of Salamanca logo

Voyage of Salamanca

Salamanca is a sail-powered galleon Captained by the mysterious Admiral J Jakerson. Her crew have set sail to explore the Galmian Archipelago in the South Carribean sea (this is a fictional area). Her crew don't yet know the weird & wonderful adventures they're about to experience exploring these is ... More...

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Created : Nov 24, 2019

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Village of Warfall logo

Village of Warfall

Everyone has a story, a tale, and a past. In Warfall, everyone knews everyone, and nearly everything about them. But when the war came, the people were changed, hardship caused distance, instead of union. Five years later, the war had concluded, and now is the time for new bonds, and for the people ... More...

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Created : Mar 14, 2019

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Marilyn and the Time Traveller logo

Marilyn and the Time Traveller

A gay man from the future finds a way to travel back in time to the late 1950s and meets and befriends the famous Hollywood actress Marilyn Monroe. ... More...

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Created : Oct 11, 2019

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Vikings logo


It is 11th century Scandinavia and the coastal regions of england. War between the northmen and the christan englishmen is ripe in these lands. This is where our story begins, with the men and women who live here in these lands and this time. (this game is VERY loosely based on the TV s ... More...

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Created : Jun 16, 2019

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The wild frontier

The year is 1895. Explore the wild wild west. Survive as a outlaw or as a lawmen. Create epic characters. Wether you are a outlaw or a lawmen enjoy the wild frontier! ... More...

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Created : Feb 10, 2020