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Xierheart: Rise and Fall of the Empire of Night(Open for New Players) logo

Xierheart: Rise and Fall of the Empire of Night(Open for New Players)

After the lands had been divided by the War of Power, many of the Races in Xierheart created their own nations and waged war over long forgotten grudges. The land lies in ruin, war is common, and disease rages on. However in this time of death, an empire would rise. This is the story of the Empire o ... More...

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Characters : 36

Created : Sep 13, 2020

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Dark Generation logo

Dark Generation

Carpathians, are a powerful and ancient race. They have many gifts, including the ability to shape-shift, and extended life spans, living for thousands of years. Though they feed on human blood, they don't kill their human prey, and for the most part live among humans without detection. Despite thei ... More...

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Characters : 67

Created : Sep 12, 2017

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Wannabe Heroes logo

Wannabe Heroes

Imagine living in a world where super heroes protected the cities from criminals on a regular basis. Then the criminals decided to declare war on the supers and the poor city people were caught in the crossfire. Sadly the villains won but at a cost. Only a few heroes survived and they were either ... More...

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Characters : 19

Created : May 2, 2020

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Something Wicked logo

Something Wicked

Are you afraid of the dark? You should be! You know what's out there! Most people get to live their lives blissfully unaware that there are things that go bump in the night -- but not you. You've seen the other side and there is no going back. All of us have lost someone, had someone taken from u ... More...

Members : 8

Characters : 23

Created : May 6, 2020

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The Elder Scrolls: Prelude to Oblivion logo

The Elder Scrolls: Prelude to Oblivion

This game is meant to be a coop version of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion starting off 3 months before and leading up to the assassination of Emperor Uriel Septim VII. There will be a main quest with the Heroes of Cyrodiil. Adventurers and Heroes of Cyrodiil These characters will be playing thro ... More...

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Characters : 6

Created : Mar 2, 2021

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Chariot of the Gods logo

Chariot of the Gods

You are space truckers manning the starfreighter USCSS Montero, commissioned by the Weyland-Yutani corporation, running the Gauntlet, trade route between Anchorpoint Station and the Frontier. Your ships cargo hold is packed with dozens of tanks of dangerous Tritium gas that is in the process of d ... More...

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Characters : 20

Created : Nov 19, 2020

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Wolves own the forest logo

Wolves own the forest

Welcome to the forest where your a wolf and you have to make a choice to join a be pack or be a lone wolf. Either way your all wolves. See if you can protect your pack from harm. Pup life last a month if you choose to be a pup and if your wolf gets killed you can always make another wolf or you can ... More...

Members : 7

Characters : 13

Created : Aug 11, 2020

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Black Watch - Chapter 3 logo

Black Watch - Chapter 3

September 17, 1983 - It was a perfect September night, and little did the good people of Mountaindale realize that their annual School Carnival was about to become the epicenter of Armageddon. ... More...

Members : 3

Characters : 159

Created : Jun 6, 2020

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Belurian Manor logo

Belurian Manor

Good evening, and welcome to Belurian Manor, are you looking for a place to stay? We have warm food, cold wine and comfortable beds for any and all visitors. Or are you perhaps here for one of the job openings? Eiter way, leave your weapons and armour by the door, I will have someone check them in o ... More...

Members : 8

Characters : 16

Created : Oct 14, 2020

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And a Lamb Shall Lead Them logo

And a Lamb Shall Lead Them

A cross cannon RPG with Horror themes, and a modern setting. ... More...

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Characters : 2

Created : Nov 19, 2020

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Lucid logo


You don't know why you're here or how you got here, but you've woken up in an empty world. A literal white void. It's up to you to fill that void. Lucid is an experimental game to see what we can do with characters and simultaneously every setting and no setting. (Mostly no setting.) In univer ... More...

Members : 8

Characters : 21

Created : Aug 17, 2020

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Four Walls logo

Four Walls

You wake up in a strange room. Stranger still there are no windows or doors, just darkly stained beadboard and stripped wallpaper. You can't remember how you got there, or much of anything else for that matter. Maybe if you call out someone will help? Maybe if you slap yourself hard enough you'll wa ... More...

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Characters : 5

Created : Sep 10, 2020

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Chimera logo


This is the story of an evil scientist named Dr. Giger and the illegal genetic and scientific experiments he conducted on Pluto and its moons at the edge of the solar system. The experiments that are successful are called Chimera. They look human between the ages of 17-20 years old. They are cyberne ... More...

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Created : Jul 27, 2020

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Spacestronauts! A 50s Sci-Fi Adventure! logo

Spacestronauts! A 50s Sci-Fi Adventure!

By the year 1955 B.T.Y. Humanity has reached far into the stars, having almost fully mapped out the Galaxy (through help from many sources, such as giant sentient space dolphins which map whole star clusters with their sonar blasts). Through the thousands of years it took for this to be accomplished ... More...

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Created : Oct 4, 2020

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