Ana paced outside, her whole body was itching like it was restless. Her and her brothers stayed up all night reading and getting refreshed on their kind but it didn't help her nerves. So much was going through her head about everything, she didn't know yet how she felt about being mated to their prince and what roll that would put her in, hell she didnt know how she felt about him, but in that moment she also knew all of that didnt matter because it wouldnt change the fact that he was her mate. She felt it with every fiber of her being. Knowing that she thought all night about the only choice she had left right now which was whether or not to accept. There was a fight going on inside her as she weighed the good and the bad. After all her thinking she hated that the answer was clear. More good would come from their union then if she rejected him. So for her sake and everyone on both sides she decided he was going to accept this union. yet she felt it would not happen so easily. She froze in place when his smell filled her nose, her eyes closed for a second taking him in. Her mouth watered and her body grew hot and thoughts of tasting him filled her mind

"So," Antony said, coming out of the cave, "I hear people call you Ana. I didn't get your name yesterday. Let's go back to the spring. It's... calmer there."

"I dont wish to be to far from my pack, it helps keep me calm" She said in a soft yet serious tone. He could tell by her posture and toned body she was a fighter like they had said. She had the scars to prove it and he felt honored to have a warrior as his lifemate.

"That's understandable during our courtship," he said. "However, I believe it is only a mile east of here. I must warn you though, I don't like losing in a race."

She raised her eye brow "Are you challenging me to a race prince?"

"I would never be so crass," he said with a smile. "I am asking for a run in the moonlight. It's not often I get the freedom to just be."

She took a breath "a run..." She said softly closing her eyes "I shouldnt but.." She looked at him and he saw her eyes were a deep blue sapphire "I haven't eaten since yesterday night....I read your kind are vegetarians and feel bonded with animals right? Would it both you if I hunted?"

"While I do not enjoy the thought of consuming flesh," he said, "I also know that a lycan's diet is far different than my own. I have no qualms with you taking care of your health. Hell, if need be, should you ever get sick or injured, I'll fix the meal for you myself."

She looked at him a moment longer "ok then, But I need you to do something for me , and I'm not really asking its more of a requirement if we are to spend time together, Stay out of my head" She said and shifted. Her wolf was large, With jet black fur and blue eyes
"I will do my best," he said with a bow, "but once your life is at risk, I will do whatever is necessary to keep you alive."

He knew by instinct alone that saying he would protect her or if she were in danger that he would go into her head, it would not go over well. Just as his mother had been, this was a skilled warrior he was mated to. Anything short of death would be seen as disrespect and an affront to her abilities.

Her wolf growled and then took off. She was fast, keeping him at least a few feet away at all times. Once they were about five minutes away from the cave she started to slow, He saw the change in her posture and felt her hunger. She had something she wanted. She started to sniff the air and moved quickly yet silently through the thick woods. a few minutes passed and she slowed even more and seem even more focused which let him know what she was hunting was close

"I didn't realize how difficult it is to stay out of your head," he said, leaning against a tree and using his abilities to keep his voice from carrying so as not to frighten her prey. "I am curious about how you hunt."

She suddenly shifted back to her human form yet her eyes were still blue, She didnt look at him though he knew she was aware he was there. She started climbing the tree neck to her. It looked effortless, showing how strong she was. She got to a branch that slightly peaked over the edge of the hill they were on. She hung upside down on the branch, looking at something below her just out of his eye sight. He threw out his sense just as she dropped and realized at the same time she landed on it that it was a large male bear. She dropped down with perfect precision and landed on its back as her wolf, her largemouth clamping down over its neck, the bear roared in pain and tried to throw her off but her bite was to strong. The bear slowed down like it was getting sleepy. His eyes became hazed over and the pain stopped the more tired he grew. Finally, he collapsed just as she took the last drop of blood from his body and his heart stopped. She paused for a moment after releasing the bears neck and was looking at the bear like he was saying thank you, then with a fierceness she back eating.

The way she fed gave Antony pause. He relayed the information to Erik. I only know of one group of beings that feed in such a way.

Erik replied If she is in fact a guardian then her pack hid it from the file they gave to us, They would have to know in order to have taken care of her properly, you should ask her , we need to know so we can prepare better for her joining the community

Ana had her fill and left a decent meal worth for anyone else who may need it. She shook her fur and shifted back. She was covered in blood and dirt "Its weird having you watch me eat, it seems personal" She said as she started walking in the direction of the spring

"And you want to even the odds?" he asked. "I have not fed yet, so if you want to know how Carpathians do it, I'm afraid we will need to go into town."

She stopped walking ad turned towards him "Since we are mates I will be very blunt and honest with you, I cant be around humans very well, In the past I have killed them " She said in a serious tone "Of course it wasn't out of cruelty but more instinct and lack of self control so I just dont go around them much and if I do I dont go alone and I make sure I'm not hungry " She said "I also want you to know Ive made mistakes like everyone else, Im far from perfect and we are going to fight, its going to happen because I'm not some submissive Carpathian women, Im a leader not a follower and I tend to bite if challenged in pretty much anyway, that being said as long as we show respect to one another and balance our differences I promise to treat your people as my own and protect them with my life as well as be a strong and suitable partner for you, I also promise to bear as many children as possible for you as it will be part of my duty to do so" She said with a serious face yet he saw her cheeks flush red "all that being said if you give me a moment to clean up in the spring you can feed from me" She said

"That," he said, clearing his throat, "that is... a different way of putting things."

Oh, not so easy to be a gentleman, now is it? Erik teased.

Shut up! Antony snapped.

"You do know that feeding from you," he continued aloud, "it will lead me to have replenish some of what I took. It would be the start of the bonding ritual and would make it difficult to not say the binding words. I do not wish for you to go into this blind."

She looked at him up and down slowly , he could feel her eyes looking at him as if he was naked. She stepped closer until he could feel her body heat, She started to circle him while still looking him up and down " I know all I need to know, as far as a male you exceed all qualities one looks for in a male, as a leader, your people speak trust for me, they love you, cherish you and you them, that speaks wonders for your leadership stature to me and lastly.." She said standing back in from of him, She looked up and met his eyes "your will and spirit. I have been told of your age and how long you have been in the dark, as your mate I am here to protect you, especially from yourself, you have been honorable and have waited long enough, we can get to know each other as we grow together, we will figure it out but tonight its time to bring you out of the darkness prince, let me do my part in bringing you home to your people....Bond with me"

Antony was stunned into silence. He looked like he was trying to figure out what to say, but his mind was going blank. She saw that and they had only met twice. Then, Erik's voice rang in his head, Don't be a pussy!

Antony moved fast, pulling her flush against him. She could feel his desire against her stomach as he towered over her. His teeth teased the delicate skin of her neck before sinking in, earning a sinful gasp from her she had not expected. Her warm blood entered his system like a wrecking ball. Even as his hold tightened, his touch was tender and gentle, as if soothing her. When she slumped against him slightly, he closed the wound, leaving his mark. He recited the words, cutting a line over his chest to allow her to feed from him easily. Her lips on his skin sent fire through him and when her teeth sank in, he threw back his head.

Her touch was not gentle like his, it was firm and demanding. She growled against him skin as she fed. With a quick motion he found himself on his back look up at the start as she was on top of him. He felt Erik leave his mind quickly. Her mind opened to his and he was slammed with her emotions. His blood awakened her body unlike she had ever felt before, almost like this was the first time she had truly eaten. She wasn't fighting her need for him, which surprised him. She was not shy or nervous, it felt natural to her so she went with it. He knew now for certain she was a guardian, and she was a strong one at that yet he could also tell she was not at her strongest. yet the more she took him in the more he could feel her body changing, getting stronger

"Do not take too much, love," he said soothingly. "We are out in the open still."

His voice reached her and he felt her start pulling back tough she didn't want too. She released his skin and sat up, straddling him. she was looking up at the night sky "it different" She said and started to look around "Sounds so different too , is this how you see? does it get better then this? I read what your second gave us but I guess I thought I wouldn't feel like this until you fully bonded with me" She said looking down at him "I read that the pain can be extreme, I also read males can take on some of the pain, dont do that for me, I want to earn the change" She said

He closed the wound on his chest as he sat up on his elbows and asked, "You really don't know, do you?"

"know what?" She asked leaning forward and put her face to his neck. Her lips brush over the skin above his pulse and she inhaled his sent.

As much as he wanted to take her right then, he had to be honest with her. "You're a Guardian, Ana." She moved away from him and he instantly became defensive. "Don't freak out. I know it's a lot to take in-"

She covered his mouth, he could hear her heart pounding in her chest and she took a deep breath "I dont know what that is but I have a feeling its important that's why I need you to wait to tell me because right now I cant focus on anything but my need for you, that might seem selfish I don't mean it that way, I'm trying to control myself and be more submissive and calm like your women but my control is slipping, so please prince...dont make me wait any longer"

He pulled her over him so she was straddling him and said, "I don't want you to force yourself to submit. I want to earn that right."

He pulled her down to kiss her forcefully, his hand knotting in her long hair. She bit his lip, drawing blood. She moaned and deepened the kiss. She moved her hips over him, rubbing her hot core over his hard desire underneath his paints showing no shame in what she was wanted

With a wave of his hand, his clothes were gone so that she was now teasing herself on him. And damn, if that didn't make him grow harder. With a quick thrust of his hips, he was sheathed inside of her, trying to hold her still so her body could adjust to his size.

She waited only a moment before she began ridding him. Each lift of her hips sent the pleasure higher and higher. Her hands came up and gripped his chest and she let her head fall back in pleasure. His grip on her hips was bruising, but it only made her tighten around him. He moved to roll them over, making sure the ground was soft enough for her. He was fast losing control and the look in his eye, of a dominance filling him that he had never known, added excitement.

She locked her legs around him, moving her hips with his thrust, as her hands gripped his back, one hand made hits way down his back, gripping his firm buttocks, pulling him in deep when he thrusted forward.

Before he knew what he was doing, he was using his teeth to pin her down, his pace quickening, and he was growling. And yet, neither wanted to stop.

-An hour later-

Ana laid on top of him, both of them laid exhausted and sore. Their bodies covered with bruises and bite marks with scratches slowly healing. The fought each other for dominance for a while and then they found their balance. And boy did he knew if life with her anything like their love was making, he was in for an adventure and a never-ending fight. And he was happier then he had ever been at that thought "your body is growing cold , is it time for your peoples sleep?" She asked

"We still have another hour until sunrise," he said with a smile. "But if you want a third round, I will happily prove I can properly satisfy you."

He felt her smirk against his skin "If it was another night I would have what it takes to continue, but unfortunately tonight is a full moon. Im always more tired on a full moon.." She said and he felt her drift off to sleep right there on top of him like she had no care in the world that they were outside and exposed.

With a sigh, pulling her close and peace stealing through him. He stood up and, clothing them both, he flew her to a cave that only he and Erik knew about. He opened the rich loam and carried them both down into it. He covered them both after warding the cave and drifted off to sleep after helping her succumb to the slumber of his people.

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